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The Women Behind the Diamonds

Meet the small, female led company upholding our big legacy.


The Women Behind the Diamonds

Meet the small, female led company upholding our big legacy.

An Experience as True as You

Kaeleigh Testwuide | Founder & Diamond Expert

After growing her professional career as a diamond expert with other brokerage firms and jewelers, Kaeleigh was determined to change the way that real people shopped for diamonds. Not only was she inspired to break from the traditional, male dominated industry, but she saw an opportunity to have a greater impact by bringing a private diamond buying experience to Denver. 

In 2015, she rebranded The Diamond Reserve into a female led, custom fine jeweler with a foundation built from integrity. 

Fast forward eight years, 3,000 happy clients and endless proclamations of “I do!”, Kaeleigh and her team have transformed bespoke jewelry in Colorado and beyond. 

When Kaeleigh is not raising her wild-spirited son, Cal, in the Rockies, you can find her right where she belongs; in the Cherry Creek North office hand selecting each and every diamond to ensure that The Diamond Reserve showcases the finest selection of loose GIA certified diamonds. 

As the brand continues to expand, Kaeleigh has made a promise to never stray from The Diamond Reserve’s mission: to provide unparalleled diamond education and one-on-one customer service to see that every client is investing in a forever piece that is a true representation of their love, budget and deepest desires.

Craig Lizotte Avatar
Kaeleigh was awesome to work with. She helped guide me through not only the engagement ring process but also our wedding bands. Her communication was always prompt. Best of all the rings that she and her team put together are amazing.
Craig Lizotte 7/09/2021

Erin Kurtz | Diamond and Jewelry Design Expert

Erin has been a driving force behind The Diamond Reserve since the beginning.

In 2016 she was on-boarded as an Executive Administrator to work alongside Kaeleigh. Six years later she has successfully implemented unparalleled customer service, an authentic client experience and progressive business strategies that have been incremental to the brand’s competitive edge.

You see, diamonds and Erin have always been better together. Yet, it took adopting the brand’s process (and her own design style) for her to realize it. As a laid-back, intentional woman, Erin always thought diamonds were meant for the elite. Until she started approaching her client relationships with a new perspective. By crafting custom pieces with real couples, she has found that diamonds were always meant for anyone who had a story for one. Including herself.

Today you can find her in her element as she warmly greets everyone who walks through the door and creates timeless pieces that perfectly embody the divine human connection we share.

When she is not setting high standards in the office, you can find her pedaling around the city or in her garden with her hands dirty (yes, there is a diamond for that too!).

Joyce Mathew Avatar
We had an excellent experience at The Diamond Reserve. Erin worked with my fiancé and I to design a unique and sentimental engagement ring using a family heirloom. My ring is absolutely beautiful and it is a joy to wear every day. I especially loved how she and her designers were able to refresh the band and incorporate it so perfectly with the diamond we selected. She was so helpful in answering our questions and guiding us through the entire diamond selection process. Thank you for the incredible ring!
Joyce Mathew 3/12/2022

Jillian Goulding | Diamond & Jewelry Design Expert

Jillian came into The Diamond Reserve as a bride-to-be and stayed as a visionary, mission-led diamond expert.

With a background in corporate tech sales, Jillian was inspired by the way The Diamond Reserve was closing the gaps in the local diamond industry through intentional sourcing, thoughtful, bespoke design and a sales strategy rooted in transparency. After having her dream diamond buying experience actualized as a bride, she felt called to bring her experience and energy to the team.

As a Diamond & Jewelry Design Expert, Jillian is devoted to evolving and expanding the long-term impact of the women-led team while giving her clients the same intimate and supportive experience she received on the other end of, “Will you marry me?”.

On her off days when Jillian is not buzzing in and out of client meetings, you can find her fly fishing the mountain streams, chasing powder with the DR girls or planning her own wedding (so really she sees you!).

Maggie Watson Avatar
My fiancé and I have had a wonderful experience working with the Diamond Reserve. We worked with Kaleigh to pick out my gorgeous engagement ring. She was incredible to work with - very knowledgeable and honest. Now we are just months away from the wedding and met with Jillian to pick out wedding bands. Jillian was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. Another great experience. I recommend the Diamond Reserve to all of my friends who are in this chapter of life.
Maggie Watson 2/17/2023

Perrin Brebner | Diamond & Jewelry Design Expert

The stars aligned when Perrin found her way to The Diamond Reserve Team.

With Savannah, GA roots, she moved to Denver to not only follow the wild adventures of the West, but to pursue a career in the health and wellness industry. Throughout her professional experience she found that for her it was less about the principles of physical therapy and more about meaningful connection and intentionality. Which all led her to gracefully become an integral part of the brand.

In her role as a Diamond and Jewelry Design Expert, Perrin is known for the relationships she holds with her custom jewelry clients. She understands the significance behind a custom jewelry piece and goes above and beyond to ensure that your story is captured in its multidimensionality. As she continues to evolve, she is looking forward to diversifying her skillset and disrupting the traditional systems around diamond buying.

Out of office (when she is on break from making us all belly laugh) you can find Perrin practicing yoga, reveling in the Rockies and at your next concert in the city.

marissa baskind Avatar
I though I knew when my fiancé would propose but Diamond Reserve made the process so easy and flawless for my fiancé that I had no idea when that time was coming! They where able to help my fiancé find my dream engagement ring, I still find myself starring at it while I'm working when the sunshine hits it just right! When we went in to find our wedding bands we worked with Perrin , she had made the process so fun and easy. I have already recommended Diamond Reserve to my friends and family if they're looking for any new rings or jewelry.
marissa baskind 5/16/2023