White Gold vs Platinum For Engagement Rings

White Gold vs. Platinum

When creating the perfect engagement ring, the fun doesn’t stop after you choose a diamond. A major part of the process is deciding which type of metal you want for your ring. There are a couple choices, mostly commonly the metals used to create engagement ring bands are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. People who want their ring to have a “silver” looking band are often stuck between the choice of white gold or platinum. So what is the difference?

Although white gold is titled “white” it is actually a silver color, it comes in both 14K and 18K and is made of a mixture of gold alloys and a variety of small amounts of white metals like silver and nickel for example. Since white gold is made up of such a mixture of metals, it also makes it cheaper than platinum, because the metal isn’t pure. The main difference between 14K and 18K gold is the durability of it and how malleable it is; gold is a soft metal so it can possibly change shape, but it’s rare. One slight downfall of white gold is that overtime it eventually does start to yellow, as it is mostly made up of gold. However, it is cheap and easy to have it re-polished and looking good as new!

Platinum is a naturally white metal, meaning that nothing really has to be added to it to make it look silver. Since it is almost pure 100% platinum, that means the cost for a platinum band is more expensive than white gold. A benefit of platinum is that it is a really strong metal, so it is good for people who work a lot of their hands and might have a higher chance of denting their ring. However, platinum does patina over time, meaning that the finish and texture of the platinum changes, which creates a more dull look that can show scratches and gives the metal less luster. Platinum rings need to be polished far more often than white gold, however some people enjoy the patina look in a fashionable sense, and choose to keep it that way!

Making the choice between platinum or white gold is entirely up to you and your lifestyle, either way your ring will be beautiful. Whichever one you choose, we’re here to help. Give us a call at (720) 560-3548 or book your appointment to get started!