When Should you Start Engagement Ring Shopping for a Holiday Proposal?

Photography By Redden Wood

If you are thinking about proposing during this upcoming holiday season, you are not alone! The holidays are already such a magical time, so why not add to the overall appeal by popping the question? According to the Knot, 37% of engagements take place during the months of November to February. With that being said, if you’re considering proposing to your loved one during the holiday season, when should you start prepping to make sure everything is smooth sailing?

If you’re not first, you’re last!

At the Diamond Reserve specifically, our process for custom engagement rings has an average turn around time of 3-4 weeks. Mapping that out, ideally, you should start preparing in mid October through early November. Most jewelry stores will have an influx of customers throughout the holiday season due to the popularity of this time. If you want to beat the crowds, you’re going to want to start looking right away!

The earlier that you start, the more time you have to vet what jeweler you want to use. This will result in a less impulsive decision, the ability to work with a jeweler that can hunt down the perfect diamond, and can allow you to go custom made so it’s destined to last a lifetime!

If you do want to pursue the custom route, we advise leaving at least a month in turn-around time for the entire process regardless of which jeweler you select. If you’re buying something straight out of the case, you have more leeway in terms of the overall timeline, but we still advise getting a head start so you don’t make a rash decision and can take your sweet time exploring all options available.

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