What Is A Vintage Style Engagement Ring?

black and white engagement ring close up

There is something very remarkable about a vintage style engagement ring. Though they are usually not decades old, they give your special piece of jewelry a timeless and elegant feel. We will discuss what makes an engagement ring vintage, what is a vintage style engagement ring, and tips when buying.

What Makes an Engagement Ring Vintage?

Vintage usually does not signify the rings age, it is actually referring to the style of the engagement ring. Vintage refers to anything twenty years or older, so when you are looking around for a vintage ring you are actually looking for a modern vintage style engagement ring setting.

An antique ring is a ring that is older than one hundred years, making every antique ring vintage. This makes shopping for a vintage style engagement ring very different from shopping for a modern engagement ring.

What is a Vintage Style Engagement Ring?

A vintage style engagement ring is inspired by Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, or Retro time periods. These rings are stunning because of their timeless design, complex details and elegant look.

Vintage style engagement rings have remarkable character and beauty, making the options seem endless. The details are what embodies the vintage style, like sapphire gemstones, floral motifs, etched metals, triple set stones, baguette diamonds, and milgrain detail.

What are Tips for Buying a Vintage Style Engagement Ring?

When purchasing an actual vintage engagement ring it is important to shop in reputable places, ask for the certification and paperwork if possible, and talk to a jeweler. Take your time with this process so you can get exactly what you are looking for. This will help avoid buying costume jewelry or a vintage replica.

There are limitless possibilities when designing a custom vintage style engagement ring. Whether you are inspired by a single era or you are incorporating a combination of vintage elements into a modern design. The Diamond Reserve can help create your perfect custom ring.

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