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What Type of Necklace Should a Bride Wear? 

If you’re prepping for your big day, you’ve probably got your wedding band and engagement ring taken care of — but what about other jewelry? What type of necklace a bride should wear on the wedding day, if any at all, is a very common question that depends on a variety of factors. Let’s talk through some of the reasons you may want to wear a necklace on the day and how to pick the perfect piece.

Should Brides Wear a Necklace?

A necklace, and your wedding day jewelry overall, will largely depend on the style of your dress. While some brides choose to skip the necklace and make their wedding dress the focal point of the day, there are no hard and fast rules about whether you should or should not wear a necklace at your wedding as a bride. 

If you choose to wear a necklace, here are some ideas to get you started finding the perfect piece.

  • Make the necklace your something borrowed or something blue: Your wedding day is the perfect time to reach for that necklace handed down from your mother, grandmother, or other family member. While brides usually shy away from brightly-colored jewelry, there’s also nothing wrong with making your necklace your something blue. 
  • Find a necklace that matches your neckline: Consider how a necklace will pair with the neckline of your wedding dress. For example, brides wearing strapless gowns with a straight neckline may prefer a classic tennis necklace, whereas a bride with a sweetheart neckline could opt for a pendant necklace that will be nicely framed by the slight v-shape of the dress.
  • Don’t mix metals: If you’re not sure whether to go with a silver or gold necklace, opt for the one that matches your wedding rings or your dress color. For example, a white dress may pair better with silver jewelry, while ivory may look just as beautiful paired with gold.
  • Find a matching set: If you’re looking for a necklace to match earrings or a bracelet as well, it may be easier to find a cohesive matching set than to spend time looking for individual pieces.
  • Stick with simple, classic styles: Brides tend to go with dainty jewelry that doesn’t upstage their dresses, or classic necklace styles, like a string of pearls, that create a cohesive wedding day look.

Just remember: it’s your day. If none of these recommendations resonate with you, then don’t worry about them. It’s perfectly fine to break the rules and choose to wear a colorful necklace or one with sentimental value on your big day.

What Jewelry Does a Bride Wear on Her Wedding Day?

Just like with necklaces, there are no rules about bridal jewelry. You’re free to wear as much or as little as you want, whether earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even other rings. Some brides like to avoid mixing metals and feel safer sticking with simple, classic styles, but if that’s not your personal style then that’s totally fine.

Whether you want to wear an eye-catching sparkly bangle or long, dangly earrings, it’s your day and you make the rules. If you’re still stuck, we’d recommend bringing some jewelry to try during your next dress fitting or heading to your local jewelry shop with a picture of your dress.

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