Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Married! | The Diamond Reserve

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Married!

It came as a shock Monday morning when news broke that two of Hollywood’s hottest actors had gotten married in complete secret over the weekend.  The wedding took place in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where Ryan loves to spend his time off, lying low.  Once him and Blake started dating they were spotted several times in the town together.

So how exactly did they pull off a wedding without any of the media knowing about it?  Well, rumors are coming out about several things the couple may have done in order to avoid the spotlight.  First, they decided to hold it in a small town and use small local vendors.  This avoided anyone talking to someone in LA because most small merchants would die for a chance to work for a celebrity wedding and therefore would not risk the chance of losing the job.  Next, it has been rumored that any of the vendors or people that were told were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements that involved steep fines if anything was leaked.  Finally, friends and family were told they were coming for a belated birthday party for Blake’s 25th.  They had no idea they were actually coming to a wedding!

Now the important things.  What did the bride wear and even more important, what does her ring look like?  Although pictures have not surfaced yet, The Diamond Reserve has speculated what the starlet’s ring might look like.  We think a yellow diamond would be perfect for Blake.  A fancy yellow diamond cushion cut or princess with a halo of white diamonds around the band is a gorgeous, modern, and classic choice.  Our speculation could also see Blake with a diamond eternity wedding band that is simple yet gorgeous for when she doesn’t want to wear the large diamond engagement ring.

We hope that Blake and Ryan had a beautiful wedding and we send them many congratulations!