Trending Engagement Ring Styles

Photo provided by the Diamond Reserve Instagram

You’re thinking about popping the question when all of the sudden, a million thoughts start to infiltrate your mind. Where does one start when selecting the forever ring for their one and only beloved? This can be a worry-some time for most, and we are here to provide insight on how to select the perfect ring for your partner. You can possess comfort in knowing that your worries can be put aside, and all that’s left to do is ask! Conviction and confidence can go a long way, and knowing your selection coincides with the trending engagement rings in 2020 can be the cherry on top of your perfect proposal.

What Can We Expect in 2020?

As one commonly knows, each new year will bring in a series of trends and popular niche markets. When it comes down to it, who wouldn’t want to select the most unique, fashionable ring they can render? With that being said, this year, the topic of a common “must have” engagement ring is shining light on elongated cushion cut gems. According to Pinterest and its trending searches, “Elongated Cushion Engagement Rings” are up by a stunning 143% in 2020 alone. These statistics can partially be credited due to the fact that famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez have been hitting the streets, flashing off their new elongated cushion cut favorites.

What is an Elongated Cushion Cut?

The elongated cushion cut can be described as a square shaped diamond, (or other gemstone), that has a rounder cut on the edges, which essentially, gives it a softer “pillow-like” look. This traditional cut is considered unique in the sense that it is more symmetrical than other counterparts and can come across as more elegant due to the shape and intricate detail that is featured prominently in its fine lines. Attributable to the unique shape this cut features, the centerpiece can give the appearance of a larger facet compared to similar cuts within the same carat weight. Ideally, with a desired range between a 1.10 and 1.30 ratio, the elongated cushion could be the perfect, trendy, engagement ring to fashionably close off your year with a “Yes, I do!”.

What’s Your Next Step?

As trends come and go, this is one that is sure to last. This distinctive, idiosyncratic cut is sure to stick along for the long run and we are happy to answer any questions you may have in the meantime. Feel free to give us a call at 720-560-3548 or click here to schedule an appointment.