The 5 Most Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Jeweler 

Buying a new piece of jewelry is an incredibly exciting time. Yes, it can be a stressful process that incorporates some intimidating decisions, but, we have put together a guide to assist you along the way. In order to ease your mind and let you know you’re in good hands, we have narrowed down 5 of the most important things to consider when selecting your jeweler.

Review, Reviews, Reviews!

Starting out, the first place you want to check during your search is the reviews of the jeweler you’re interested in moving forward with. Do your due diligence, and take the time to find people who’ve left genuine, heartfelt reviews.

It is obvious when people were persuaded to leave a positive review in return for some type of discount or favor. In addition, you want to make sure there is a positive track record of more than just a few, generic reviews. It’s always a great sign when you see they are spaced out over a longer duration of time, rather than clustered within the last few days, weeks or months. If you come across a company with only a handful of average reviews, keep looking. There is a more reputable company out there.

Keeping in mind that we are all human and make mistakes, four stars overall is a great place to start. Don’t expect a perfect five stars always, because it is nearly impossible!

Certification Matters

Next on the list, it is integral to know what laboratory the jeweler’s diamonds are certified by. We always recommend selecting a jeweler that sells GIA certified diamonds. Most diamonds are evaluated by GIA (the Gemological Institute of America), and they have the highest standards and come with four different reports:

⇝Diamond Grading Report
⇝GIA Diamond Dossier
⇝Diamond eReport
⇝and a Diamond Focus Report.

GIA set the trend for the way diamonds are sold and bought by creating a common language for diamonds, issuing the first grading report, and establishing the overall best-practices.

These reports contain scientific information on diamond shape, cut, carat weight, clarity, color, finish and proportions. When you are looking for a jeweler, make sure you research where their diamonds come from and what certifications they have. Certifications allow the buyer to feel more confident in their purchase by knowing they’re paying for high quality diamonds with respective paperwork backing them up.


The ring you select ends up being a reflection of you and your partner’s time together. That being said, people are opting to choose custom engagement rings rather than generic, mass produced options. A customized ring can be very special and showcases a unique take on your proposal and relationship overall.

It also allows you to stand out from the crowd by wearing something with a unique flare that nobody else has! Compared to a factory manufactured jeweler, you’ll have comfort in knowing that your ring was specially designed and made down to the exact T with your preferences.

Factory manufactured jewelry is often mass-produced, lower quality, and often overpriced compared to the quality of a custom designed engagement ring. No one can possibly match a private, custom selection and private jewelers are able to offer a unique shopping experience and a high level of customer service beyond what you would normally receive and expect.


When you go into a jewelry store, do they educate you? Or do they just show you a lineup of diamonds, put direct pressure towards making a sale and then move along? We firmly believe that each guest coming in and out of our office deserves a fully transparent diamond education and sale. This allows the guest to feel more comfortable in knowing they are making an educated decision on the diamond they want to buy.

In addition, this allows the customer to ask the right questions before making a purchase. Education goes beyond just the 4 C’s and any trustworthy jeweler should make sure their guest is fully informed on their decision.


When you walk into a jeweler, what type of options are available for your viewing pleasure? Will they curate you a line up of diamonds free of charge so you have multiple options to view within your criteria and budget range? Or do they show you just one, generic diamond with a price tag that offers no wiggle room?

At the Diamond Reserve we are also a Diamond Broker and can show you, free of charge, a variety of options within your range so you have more flexibility with your purchase. In addition, as mentioned above, we also offer a diamond education before presenting you a line up of different options so you know exactly what it is you’re looking for. When viewing diamonds at a store, it’s very important that the jeweler allows you to see the diamond under magnification and has you locate the inclusions.

After looking under a microscope, you should be able to look at the diamond with the naked eye and not be able to see these inclusions. Make sure you are looking in a few different lighting settings, too. LED lighting alone can make the diamond look hard. Seeing it in natural or indoor lighting is best. Overall, we fully understand how exciting this time is for you and your loved one! We try our hardest to make sure our process is completely transparent for all of our clients and believe each jewelry store should follow similar standards.

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