Ethan Matthew Avatar

positive review  Heard about this place from a friend, he gave me their number, I called and talked to Kaeleigh, she received the call and was more than happy to help me find the ring I was looking for! Very good organization, have nothing but good things to say about them.

Ethan Matthew 10/07/2019
Sarah O'Phelan Avatar

positive review  I could not be happier with my experience at The Diamond Reserve! My fiance and I found their page on The Knot shortly after getting engaged. At the time, we were looking to have a custom engagement ring made using some jewelry that had been gifted to us by a family friend. I talked to several other jewelers in the Denver area and the prices were, in my opinion, absolutely outrageous, considering that we'd be providing the raw materials (one place quoted us $10k!).
We ended up not using the jewelry that we were given after all, as the jewelry was classic diamonds/gold and I had my heart set on morganite/rose gold, so after meeting with Erin at the Diamond Reserve, we basically started from scratch. I felt that their prices were extremely reasonable, and Erin was really up front with us about how much everything cost, and provided a lot of different options for us to choose from along the way. She took the time to get to know us and walked us over some jewelry basics, as neither my fiance nor I knew anything about it. She was a lot of fun to work with and kept me posted every step of the way. We didn't make too many alterations to the original design, but she assured us that we could change anything that we wanted to, and even offered her own suggestions, which were great. Ultimately, I ended up with a ring so much better than anything I could have ever imagined, and I'm beyond psyched about it! We will absolutely be going back to the Diamond Reserve for our wedding bands and for any other fine jewelry needs in the future. If you're looking for an attentive, personalized, affordable experience in Denver, this is the place to go!

Sarah O'Phelan 10/07/2019
Courtney Parker Avatar

Working with The Diamond Reserve is an absolute dream. They make the diamond buying and jewelry design process so easy... and fun! I cannot recommend them enough - if you are in the market for an engagement ring, diamond(s) or any fine jewelry, they are the definitely the best in Colorado and beyond.

Courtney Parker 9/10/2019
amanda testwuide Avatar

Kaeleigh is the most knowledgeable, professional diamond broker I have ever worked with. It was truly a blessing seeing what she does with diamonds. My custom ring has so much character and personality, I honestly could not be more happy with what she has created for me. I am beyond blessed to be in love with my ring and will come to her for every custom piece of jewelry for the rest of my life. She was so easy to work with and got my ring done so quickly, especially for a professionally custom engagement ring. It was a pleasure to work with her and Erin, those girls are extraordinary women in the diamond business. Love you ladies and cannot wait to work with you more 🙂

amanda testwuide 9/09/2019
Neil Sullenberger Avatar

Kaeleigh and Erin were both great to work with. We went with The Diamond Reserve for a custom engagement ring and custom wedding bands. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I would certainly use The Diamond Reserve again for any future diamond purchases.

Neil Sullenberger 9/03/2019
Neil Sullenberger Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh and Erin were both great to work with. We went with The Diamond Reserve for a custom engagement ring and custom wedding bands. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I would certainly use The Diamond Reserve again for any future diamond purchases.

Neil Sullenberger 9/03/2019
Jenny Smith Avatar

positive review  My fiancé and I go to Kaeleigh for everything- my engagement ring, our wedding bands, anniversary gifts. We love her. Amazing quality, super responsive, 5/5 stars for sure.

Jenny Smith 8/30/2019
Catherine Joseph Avatar

positive review  Couldn't have asked for a better experience buying wedding bands! The process of getting my engagement ring re-sized was also really quick and easy!

Catherine Joseph 8/27/2019
Michael Nedler Avatar

I inherited a ring from my aunt and wanted to remake it into something my wife would wear. A buddy suggested The Diamond Reserve so I followed his advise…a good move! Erin and Kaeleigh worked with their designer and came up with a ring my wife just loves! The cost was more than reasonable and feel like I got a lot for my money. Thanks so much ladies!

Michael Nedler 8/26/2019
Taylor Cavey Avatar

positive review  Great service and easy to work with!

Taylor Cavey 8/26/2019
Jack Faulkner Avatar

positive review  Easy to work with. Very knowledgeable. Great selection. Everything was perfect.

Jack Faulkner 7/19/2019
Kelly McNamee Avatar

positive review  10/10! Amazing selection, very knowledgeable, and fun to work with! Great customer service. Will be recommending them to friends and family.

Kelly McNamee 7/19/2019
Dan Marks Avatar

I had a great experience from start to finish with this place. I was referred to The Diamond Reserve by my brother and his wife who had a similarly positive experience. Picking out an engagement ring can be a daunting experience but Erin was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Communication throughout the process was quick and they were able to work around my difficult schedule. The ring was perfect and even the resizing process was easy. I was able to get the exact ring and diamond I wanted with great service along the way. Thanks for everything!

Dan Marks 7/15/2019
Chelsea Lee Avatar

positive review  Loved my experience! They helped my fiancé create the perfect, custom ring. My fiancé designed a round brilliant cut diamond with a tapered band of white gold and diamonds that was flawlessly executed by The Diamond Reserve. The tapered cut and the fact that it wasn't too tall complemented my petite hand/fingers. Can't wait to go to them for our wedding bands!

Chelsea Lee 6/17/2019
Kevin Alcantara Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh and Erin are the best! They're both super personable & professional and made the buying experience a joy -- working within my budget and educating me on all things diamonds/rings. I wanted my fiancée to have something that matches her style, is timeless, and has a subtle uniqueness to it. It was a back-and-forth process to make sure the ring was designed just right before having Kaeleigh build it and we’re both extremely happy with the results (I even catch myself staring at the ring often!).

Kevin Alcantara 6/17/2019
Caroline Weirich Avatar

positive review  We had the most amazing experience with The Diamond Reserve! The engagement ring was designed with their guidance and it turned out better than I could have expected. Erin also helped us with our wedding bands. She is a wealth of knowledge and always greets you with a smile!

Caroline Weirich 6/05/2019
Sean Kommerstad Avatar

positive review  Erin and Kaeleigh are an awesome team. Extremely professional and they make the process fun. Worked closely with Erin to design the ring and it turned out amazing! Told her exactly what I was looking for and she found the perfect diamond.

Sean Kommerstad 6/04/2019
Alexandra Briggs Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh and Erin at the Diamond Reserve have been amazing from start to finish. They worked with my fiancé to create the ring of my dreams and almost a year later I still catch myself staring at it. I couldn’t be more excited to marry the man of my dreams and wear the ring of my dreams for the rest of my life! Having a custom ring that “looks like me” makes it even more special. Highly recommend the Diamond Reserve!

Alexandra Briggs 5/17/2019
Shannon Burruss Avatar

positive review  My finance purchased my engagement ring from Kaeleigh at the Diamond Reserve, and I could not be happier with the ring – I LOVE it! It's a stunning Montana sapphire and is exactly the unique kind of stone I was hoping for. I also needed to have the ring resized a couple times and Kaeleigh was so patient and helpful throughout the process so that it ended up fitting perfectly.

Shannon Burruss 5/03/2019
Tony Jasper Avatar

positive review  The Diamond Reserve was great to work with. My fiancé wanted an engagement ring that was very unique and impossible to find at a traditional jewelry store, but Kaeleigh was able to design it and get me exactly what I was looking for. Fiancé loved it.

Tony Jasper 5/03/2019
Chelsea Kiff Avatar

positive review  My fiancé and I had an incredible experience working with Kaeleigh and Erin at The Diamond Reserve. Kaeleigh helped my fiancé secretly design the most beautiful and timeless engagement ring last winter, and when it came time to design our wedding bands this spring, Kaeleigh was quick to provide information and ideas. I loved that she kept reiterating that everything was totally dependent on us and our style. Kaeleigh is super knowledgeable and responsive and made the process a breeze. It was refreshing to work with the amazing staff at The Diamond Reserve, and I would highly recommend them!

Chelsea Kiff 4/04/2019
Joshua Jones Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh is such a pleasure to work with. She is very personable and made the whole diamond buying experience fun and exciting. She took the time to explain everything there is to know about diamonds and answered all my questions. I told her exactly what I was looking for and she was able to design the perfect ring I knew my fiance would love. And believe me, she LOVES the ring. I highly recommend the diamond reserve!

Joshua Jones 4/04/2019
Bj Hill Avatar

positive review  The absolute best experience a guy could ask for! They made a nerve racking decision super easy and enjoyable. Many thanks to Kaeleigh and Erin!!

Bj Hill 4/02/2019
Jovonna Owen Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh is amazing! She helped my fiancé and myself pick the best engagement ring for our budget. I’m so happy with my ring. I get tons of compliments on how big and sparkly it is! We had a very personalized experience and custom is the way to go. Will never shop at a chain jewelry store again!

Jovonna Owen 4/01/2019
Erin Victoria Avatar

positive review  My fiance found the MOST GORGEOUS diamond here for my engagement ring so of course we went back for wedding bands. Just ordered them and can't wait to be blinded by the sparkle!!!!! Thanks!!!

Erin Victoria 3/19/2019
Ross Baker Avatar

positive review  I found a great diamond for our engagement ring. We came back to get our wedding bands here and got exactly what we were looking for.

Ross Baker 3/19/2019
Emi Azzolina Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh and Erin are the best! They worked with my fiance to design the most perfect ring. I don't think they could have designed a more prefect ring if I picked it myself. When it came time for the wedding bands I was so excited to be involved this time. They were very timely in sending over a quote, the CAD images, and completing the bands themselves. Now if only I can find a way to stay in touch with them after we get married 😉

Emi Azzolina 3/01/2019
Molly Rohde Avatar

positive review  Kaeleigh made my engagement ring and our wedding bands! It was so fun working with her and we wouldn't ever go anywhere else. Her prices are very competitive and quality is superb! She specializes in custom jewelry and can make anything you can dream up. I absolutely love my rings and will definitely be returning to her for anniversary gifts, etc!

Molly Rohde 2/23/2019
Ross Feldman Avatar

positive review  We went to them for the engagement ring and men's and women's wedding bands. They're extremely knowledgeable and taught me Diamond 101, provided tons of recommendations, listened to what we liked, and designed the perfect custom rings. The Diamond Reserve does great work!

Ross Feldman 2/23/2019
Anthony Cucinella Avatar

positive review  I met with Kaeleigh to design an engagement ring after having done a lot of research on my own. She did a fantastic job of taking all the information I'd read and using it to pick out the perfect diamond and setting. My fiance and I were so happy with her ring that we went back for our wedding bands. Again, she made the process easy while still helping us to get what we wanted.

Anthony Cucinella 2/18/2019