Repurposing Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry often has sentimental value and holds a very special place in one’s heart. A piece of jewelry passed down through the family can be easy to reserve and hold onto forever, especially if it has been around for generations. However, sometimes turning a worn out, broken, or old-fashioned piece of jewelry can be an amazing start to the creation of something new!

So what about that heirloom piece that is begging to be re-imagined?

One of the most popular ways to redesign an heirloom piece is to change the way it’s worn. For example, an engagement ring stone could be repurposed into a diamond necklace. An old outdated necklace could be shortened into a bracelet. Wearing the jewelry in a different way is a smart way to keep the sentimental value with a reinvented look.

Another popular reinvention of your family’s precious jewelry is taking a large piece of jewelry and breaking it down into smaller pieces of new jewelry. This way a part of the original heirloom is still there in a sense, yet the design is completely updated and new. For instance, a chunky statement necklace with multiple gems could be repurposed into a pair of earrings featuring those gems.

No matter which route you choose, there’s a ton of options out there to re-imagine your family heirloom jewelry while still holding onto the special memories.

Here is a perfect example of one of our clients who repurposed her grandmother’s diamond necklace and ring by taking pieces of each one to create her new stacking wedding band!




After (combined):


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