Diamond Reserve Couples

couple holding hands walking through a rocky field

Devon & Katie: Romance Abroad

From the air to the sea and everywhere in between, these two discuss how a simple plane ride can turn into something much better.

woman in a hot air balloon holding out her engagement ring hand

Romain & Drue: A Bold Love Story

Sometimes love needs to be expressed boldly to make sure the opportunity doesn’t slip through your fingers, as our next interviewees Romain and Drue can attest to.

two women hugging outside on a trail

Chelsea & Ali: Rockies and Romance

We got a hold of Chelsea and Ali, who met in 2016 while at a Colorado Rockies game, to get an inside look at the special moments that brought them together.

couple standing on either side of a pillar looking at each other

Kevin & Chelsea: High School Sweethearts

We interviewed Kevin and Chelsea, two high school sweethearts whose paths split apart but ultimately intertwined in the end, to get the story behind how they met, how they felt and the ring that made it final.