March’s Birthstone

With a rich, light blue color like the clearest ocean waters, this jewel is favored among those who want to stand out. It emanates a healthy, beautiful radiance and is the perfect gemstone to symbolize the coming of Spring. It has long been associated with hope and youthfulness. In this post we’ll take a look at March’s birthstone and the jewel of the sea: the Aquamarine.

Bigger Is Better

Aquamarine’s chemical makeup makes it more radiant based on the size. This gives a fairly odd dynamic to the gemstone, as smaller aquamarines are therefore used less often and synthetic Aquamarine can actually be preferred to the real thing if the size is small enough.

Typically, due to this, you’ll see Aquamarine on Pendants. As Pendants can hold larger gemstones without looking tacky then they’re a preferred choice for this jewel. Aquamarine can be fairly challenging to pull off on a ring, though you do see some. Since the jewel actually looks excellent when it’s below a certain size then you can get away with very small Aquamarine, though no gemstone is going to look exceptionally vibrant when it’s a fraction of a carat in size. Typically, jewelers will choose large Aquamarines for rings as well with a small band; generally white gold or silver

The Color of Teardrops

It’s a matter of fact that there is no gemstone that suits a teardrop pendant or earrings better than Aquamarine. Its light, oceanic teal color and excellent suitability with white gold makes it absolutely perfect for teardrop pendants or drop earrings. If you don’t believe me, simply do a search for ‘Aquamarine Jewelry’ and count the number of teardrop pendants or earrings you see. Even when it’s not in teardrop form, most people choose to avoid a round cut for Aquamarine. Emerald cuts, solitaire pearls and luxury oval cuts are exceptionally popular for this atypical jewel.

Get It Done Right

If you’re trying to get Aquamarine on a custom piece, it’s not a gemstone that you want to leave to an amateur. Give us a call at (720) 560-3548 or book your appointment now!