July’s Birthstone

Though July only has one birthstone, this powerful stone commands enough attention and exudes enough beauty to warrant the selection. This month we’ll take a look at the Royal variant of Corundum; the red passion stone known to symbolize passion, energy and love.

July’s Birthstone is none other than the Ruby.

The King of Gemstones

Along with Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond, Ruby is one of the Cardinal Gemstones. The meaning derived from this exceedingly vibrant stone has a storied history enriched from the culture of royalty and nobility.

The earliest records mention the year 200 B.C., in which Rubies were transported along China, primarily along the North Silk Road. Early on, they were used in ornamental pieces for the nobility of China and India. Oddly enough, their structure also lent them to the use of construction, in which they were laid in the foundation to increase structural stability.

Ablaze amongst the sun

As with all notable gemstones, the ruby eventually made its way to Ancient Egypt where it was used in the creation of scarabs, ornaments, armor and tomb decorations among many other things. Of course, the Ruby is actually more suitable to Egypt than almost any other place. Due to its chemical structure, sunlight enhanced rubies by a large magnitude and the already vibrant stone can flood the senses with color. This drew a lot of attention to the gem, which is why it ended up being so sought after by the rulers of the era.

The Birth of Lasers

Of course, aside from construction and looking pretty, rubies have other uses as well. In fact, rubies were the reason the first laser was developed in 1960 by Theodore Maiman in his laboratory in California. Of course, that technology has expanded tremendously and is the reason we have much of the medical scanning technology along with other procedures such as laser eye surgery.

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