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Why is Handmade Jewelry More Expensive?

In our previous post we discussed the differences between custom and handmade, but we wanted to take a closer dive into why handmade jewelry is more expensive and what really goes into making a ring from scratch. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a pendant, a bracelet or any other type of jewelry, it’s important to make sure you can trust the people (or person) making it from scratch.

Where The Real Passion Is

Making handmade rings involves a lot of passion. Learning the craft is not easy and requires a ton of odd equipment and years of practice. With jewelry, you’re typically working with very small metals that require specific tools. On top of that, not using molds adds a lot of time to the process. One small mistake can damage the look of the ring, so this is where the professionals truly shine.

If you’re going with a handmade ring, make sure to choose someone who has a repeated history of doing an excellent job. A lot of people “dabble” in things like silversmithing and there’s a lot of subpar jewelry out there. You definitely want a top tier professional when it comes to something like a handmade engagement ring.

More Than Just a Hobby

This industry is filled with hobbyists. That’s certainly not a bad thing, but there’s a distinct difference between a hobbyist and a professional. A professional will have all the tools: ring clamps, finger gauges, ring cutters, sizers, benders, mandrels, sticks. There is a ton of materials required to properly make a ring from hand and hobbyists typically won’t own all of these tools. Even if they do, it takes years of experience to make a top tier ring by hand.

While it’s a romantic idea to have a close friend or family member make your ring, something as important as an engagement ring needs to be left to a professional. If you want a Custom Jeweler that you can trust then schedule an appointment or give us a call at (720) 560-3548