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What Does The Evil Eye Necklace Represent?

The Evil Eye necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that is rising in popularity. A common question is, what does the Evil Eye necklace represent? We will not only discuss what the necklace represents, but also the history behind it and what each color represents as well.

What is the History of the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a spiteful look or glare that is believed to cause misfortune or harm for the person directed to for reasons of jealousy or dislike. This belief dates back to at least the 6th century B.C. in ancient Greece when it appeared on pottery. Today the belief is still alive in many cultures across the world and is taken extremely seriously.

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Represent?

To truly understand what the Evil Eye necklace represents, one must first understand the difference between the Evil Eye curse and the amulet. The curse is the belief that a glare with hateful intentions can cause harm and or injury to another and the amulet is to help protect you from such a look. Wearing the Evil Eye necklace will help protect you from the Evil Eye and shield yourself against greater doom.

What are the Evil Eye Color Meanings?

The Evil Eye comes in an array of colors, to some they choose the color based on what they like and others choose their color with more of a spiritual meaning. Each color serves as some sort of protection as well as other meanings.

Dark Blue: Protection of fate and karma, calm and relax to counteract chaos, and open the flow of communication

Light Blue: General protection, learning new information, broaden your perspective, peace and solitude

Black: Prosperity and power protection, a restful emptiness, prepare for the unknown, to become inconspicuous, and to open the door to mystery

Brown: Elements protection, to blend with the background, a solid wholesome feeling, orderliness, and a connection with natural earth and the stability this brings

Dark Green: Happiness, fears and anxiety protection, feel a need for change and growth, new state of balance, connected with the demands of others, and a freedom to pursue new ideas

Light Green: Success protection, good health, increased personal power, relaxation, and the enjoyment of life

Orange: Happiness protection, to become more involved in something, to increase creativity, to spice things up when you feel time is dragging, and relief from things becoming too serious

Pink: Friendship protection, calm feelings to neutralize disorder, relaxation acceptance, and contentment

Purple: Protection, to use your imagination to its fullest, to re-balance your life, to remove obstacles, to calm overactivity, and to energize from depression

Red: Courage, fears and anxiety protection, increase enthusiasm, and confidence to go after your dreams

Violet: True love protection, focus on personal issues, solitude and inner connection, to develop intuition, and to step outside everyday life for a new and interesting way of viewing a problem

White: Purity protection, to bring about mental clarity, purification of thoughts or actions, to clear away clutter and obstacles in the way, and to start a fresh beginning

Yellow: Health, lethargy and depression protection, relief from ‘burnout’, panic, nervousness, and exhaustion, and sharper memory and concentration skills

Grey: Sorrow and security protection, to reduce the intense energy of another color, and to emphasize willingness

Transparent: Clarity, mindfulness, and sanity protection, to comply a neutral noninvasive feeling

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