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How To Wear An Initial Necklace

Initial and nameplate jewelry are one of the most fashionable ways that monograms show up in today’s latest trends, but the concept is far from being something new. From ancient Egyptian pharaohs to the Victorain age to hip hop culture, donning initials, names and phrases on rings and necklaces has been a way for individuals, communities and cultures to express themselves as well as commemorate and memorialize those important to them. 

Nameplate and Initial Jewelry, Tacky or Trending?

Initial and nameplate jewelry stems from many cultures, regions, time eras and groups of people. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt used signet rings to sign documents, and Wesekhs (chain necklaces reminiscent of a nameplate) were worn by officials and citizens symbolizing royalty, status and religious connection. Monogram jewelry was used by Greek and Roman rulers and by artisans during the Middle Ages to mark their work. 

In the Victorian era (19th and 20th centuries), monograms were a status symbol but also started to be used for decorative purposes, including silverware, brooches and lockets. After the adoption of the “Carrie” nameplate necklace on Sex And The City in 1998, nameplate jewelry was mass-produced by department stores mostly with traditional English names. 

With its roots in empowerment and self-expression, initial and nameplate jewelry will always be in style. Nowadays, a name necklace is no longer limited to a gold script nameplate or a diamond-encrusted piece, styles are almost limitless and easily customized. Nameplates and letters can hang horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and can be simple or embellished. These letters and symbols are a reminder of our accomplishments, strengths, families and loved ones.

How To Wear an Initial or Nameplate Necklace 

You may think of initial jewelry as a way to wear the initials of your or a loved one’s name, but there are so many creative ways these special pieces can be used to tell any story. Plus you can mix and match with other pieces and layers, adorn your letters with birthstones or charms and customize it to match your style and creative expression. Some choose to wear one meaningful pendant, while others include multiple letters or symbols. 

Names and initials can be found on dainty or chunky chains and in cursive or simple texts. Another option lays letters sideways on the side of your collarbone, creating a fun asymmetric look. With the abundance of designs and fonts, bright colors, mixed metals and plethora of eye-catching jewels, you can create a unique yet highly sentimental piece that you can also add on to in the future. In addition to initial and nameplate necklaces, bracelets and rings can also be designed with meaningful letters and symbols including special dates

Initial and nameplate jewelry including necklaces, bracelets and rings make for great gifts, self-gifting included that can be cherished for decades. Give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule a custom jewelry appointment