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How To Clean A Sapphire And Diamond Ring

After saying yes to the ring of dreams and the proposal has passed, you might be wondering how to care for your engagement ring. In this week’s blog we will discuss how to clean a sapphire and diamond ring, what you should avoid doing while wearing your engagement ring, and tips and tricks to keep that ring sparkling!

How Do You Clean A Sapphire And Diamond Ring?

If you are a new owner of an engagement ring it is very important to learn to clean your ring yourself. Taking care of your new precious treasure will be simple as long as you know exactly what you should do. After a little education about your ring and the care it needs it will be easy to implement a cleaning schedule. There are several ways to clean a ring, but we will focus on a sapphire and diamond engagement ring in this blog.

Cleaning your sapphire and diamond engagement ring is very simple. You will want to fill a dish with warm water and add a little bit of mild soap. We usually recommend the blue Dawn Dish soap. Let your ring soak in the mixture for at least twenty minutes, but depending on how dirty it is you can always let it soak longer. After soaking your ring, brush it with a soft bristled toothbrush and rinse with running water. Dry with a soft cloth or blow dry to make sure there is no water left underneath.

What Should I Avoid Doing While Wearing My Engagement Ring?

You should always take off your engagement ring if you are going to start doing something that requires a lot of hand power. It can be really hard to take off your engagement ring once it gets put on your finger, but it is something you have to do to keep it shining! The last thing you would want is to chip a stone or scratch the metal. Removing your ring will also help avoid losing the prongs and possibly losing a diamond.

You will also want to avoid using hand sanitizer, lotions, and creams while wearing your engagement ring. These products will leave a layer of residue on the gemstone or diamond making your stone look dull and feel dirty. This will also happen if you wear your ring in the shower because the soap residue will also build up on your ring. It is best practice to remove your engagement ring each night before bed and to put it back on once you have showered!

What Are Some Tips And Tricks To Keep My Ring Sparkling?

An engagement ring comes with a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to caring for them. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate taking care of your new ring. Since you are not supposed to wear your ring in the shower, that is a great time to let your ring soak in warm water and a little bit of soap. Once you get out you can give it a little brush with a toothbrush and it will shine like the day you got it.

When you need to remove your ring to cook, work out, or any activity you should not be wearing your engagement ring, you can put it in a RingHero. A RingHero is a wristband pouch that makes it easy for you to store your ring in and wear it right around your wrist. That way you do not worry about your ring if you put it in your pocket or have to leave it in a gym locker or risk scratching or chipping a stone.

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