The Diamond Reserve | Emeralds at Inauguration

Beyoncé’s Inauguration Earrings!

President Obama’s second inauguration was on Monday, and although many people were looking at president’s suit along with his family, The Diamond Reserve was definitely one of the people staring at those earrings Beyoncé was wearing for her amazing performance!

Beyoncé was definitely decked out in emeralds, which US Magazine confirmed were her longtime jeweler’s creation, Lorraine Schwartz.  The earrings were approximately 80-carats total weight, while the singer also wore a matching ring that was 50-carats.   For a total of 130-carats being worn at once! Beyonce Emerald Earrings

We are so glad to see some appreciation for emeralds finally!  These are gorgeous stones that definitely deserve our attention.  As the singer belted out a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” her emerald earrings and ring stole the show!  Emeralds are an amazing stone, not only do royalty, including the British monarchy and sultans of the Middle East adore these stones.  They have consistently been used in crowns and family heirlooms.  Most crown jewels have at least a few emeralds that are included in the magnificent pieces.

Emeralds are also great for engagement rings!  They are amazingly beautiful and can make a great statement.  They are great for those who have the emerald as their birthstone and it is often the stone of choice for Irish style rings.   If this is the stone you are looking for, make an appointment with us today, we can make sure you have the most beautiful stone that will fit in the most amazing ring, so the special someone in your life can feel just like Beyoncé wearing that amazing emerald ring.