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Are Toggle Clasps Secure for a Necklace?

Toggle clasps have two pieces, a thick bar and a circle that fit together and are widely used to secure both necklaces and bracelets. While not as secure as clasps that have a lock-type closure, toggles are much easier to use especially with one hand. Toggles are available in different sizes and styles and also can be incorporated into necklace designs. 

What are Toggle Clasps and Are They Secure?

As early as the bronze age, T-shape and loop toggle closures were used for jewelry and clothing making it easy for the user to dress and accessorize themself. These types of clasps consist of two pieces that fit into one another; one is always a bar, and the other piece can be any type of roundish shape but is usually a circle with an open center. When you insert the “T” or bar into the circle, then turn it, it extends past the circle’s edges to hold the ends of the jewelry in place.

As with other hook-based clasps, toggles work best when used as a fastener for heavier jewelry because the weight of the pieces pull on the clasp, making it more secure. Toggle clasps can be used for various types of jewelry and are a popular choice for bracelets because they are easy to operate with one hand. This style of bracelet was popularized in the early 2000s thanks to Tiffany’s toggle bracelet with a heart-shaped charm. 

Generally speaking, toggle clasps are not as secure as ones that have a lock-type closure, but because they are decorative and easy to use, they’re still a popular choice. Toggles vary in style, size and finish, and can be hidden, but are usually designed to stand out on a piece and add to its overall look. It’s a good solution for people who find clasps uncomfortable or have limited mobility and aren’t able to execute a lock-type clasp. 

Toggle Clasps for Bracelets and Necklaces

A toggle clasp bracelet is handy because the wearer can put it on and take it off by themself. A heavier, chunky style bracelet will be more secure, but when worn with care, a toggle bracelet of any kind is a timeless addition to any jewelry collection. Toggles can also be used as closure for necklaces, and is a good solution for people who find clasps uncomfortable against the back of their neck. Toggles are also helpful for those with limited mobility that can’t reach behind their neck, or slide a necklace around to secure the clasp.

Front toggle clasp necklaces feature a toggle clasp worn front and center, often adorned or with pendants hanging from the toggle’s ring. In this jewelry style, the clasp becomes a beautiful focal part of the necklaces design, instead of just a functional closure. This design works well on necklaces of any length and also makes them very easy to put on and take off.

Here are some styles of front toggle clasp necklaces:

  • Charms: this style of toggle necklace could have a single charm such as a shape or letter hanging from the toggle’s loop. The bar clasp would close the necklace in front prominently displaying the charm. 
  • Slim or chunky chains: slim to mid-weight chains or chunky bold chains, or a combo of both can create the ultimate layering statement style.
  • Minimalistic: will nix the charms and bold ornate embellishments and feature minimalistic links that pair well with other chains when you want to layer necklaces. 
  • Bold: can be some of the most attractive and interesting styles including big chunky chains, bright colors, or fancy additions. 

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