How To Propose During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As we continue to deal with this unprecedented virus, the plans of almost every person across the earth have been altered in some way. For many people, that includes planned proposals. Now, more than ever, we need to find a way to get our moral victories in and keep our eyes focused on the road ahead. While we’re limited in where we can go, that doesn’t mean that your proposal has to be cancelled.

For all of you planning to propose to your anxiously awaiting significant other, there is no need to change your date amidst coronavirus fears. Even though your plans may change, we have some tips and important things to keep in mind for creating a memorable start to your new forever.


Many of us in the current age are consumed by travel. We crave new sights and want to attach memories to beautiful places across the world. What we must remember is that love is not defined by a single place. Love is where we choose it to be.

While proposing in Tahiti has it’s natural benefits, proposing in the very place you spend most of your time can attach comfortable and warm feelings to your own residence. After all, many of our loving memories as children took place in our home: such as stealing snacks from the kitchen at night or board games with the family in the living room.


No one wants to come out of this pandemic with a solid negative memory of the entire thing. You have an opportunity to step up in the darkest period and shine the brightest light. That bit of exciting news and glance into the future will be enough to send everyone’s spirits in the opposite direction. Few things show more love and compassion than timing an exciting announcement in a way that will lift your loved one out of a major, uncontrollable slump.

Proposal Ideas

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your proposal ideas! Below are a couple of ideas to get your brain going, but trust your instinct and take your time on this one:

Love note scavenger hunt! Leave love notes all around the house with sexy clues. Use the guise of fun and stress relief to get them to play along and search for the clues, with the final clue being the ultimate gift of commitment.

It’s Springtime in Colorado! That means amazing weather will be shining down on us in no time. Pack a picnic and head off into the mountains for a day filled with hiking, wonderful scenery, and a sunset vista proposal. Coloradoans have the luxury of having gorgeous scenery at their back doorstep, so don’t be afraid to use it.


We all want to freeze that special moment in time with evidence that we can share with the world. Luckily, a photographer doesn’t need to come within 6 feet of you to take gorgeous photos. Don’t be afraid to reach out to local photographers and see what you can arrange.

Also, try to place your phone in a discreet location on record and get the whole proposal on tape! You can screenshot and edit the photos later, but this will give you full video evidence to show your kids one day. Worst case scenario is that the video doesn’t turn out well in which case you’ll still have the photos.

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