How to Enhance Your Engagement Ring’s Brilliance

Your engagement ring is one of your most prized possessions. You take pride in wearing it everywhere you go, and you want to show it off to everyone. What you don’t want is to let your ring tarnish or start looking old before its time! Below we have included some sound engagement ring maintenance tips that may help your ring last longer and maintain its beauty and shine.

Choose a Unique Cut

One of the best ways to ensure that your diamond will maintain its luster far beyond your wedding day is to choose a significant cut, to begin with. It is a myth that the bigger your stone is, the more it will shine. To keep a lasting shine, you should select a cut that is known for its brilliance.

If you want to increase the luxurious look, the round brilliant or radiant cut diamond, they are known for having the most luster and sparkle.

Choose a Halo Look

Halo rings are all the rage nowadays, and when you see one, you’ll see why. With a center stone set and positioned slightly above a surrounding ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds, the Halo style engagement ring is famous for not only its brilliance and shine but also making the center diamond looking a lot larger, nearly doubling the appearance of the size.

Adding Side Stones for a Brilliant Shine

If your ring doesn’t shine enough to suit you, how about adding some petite and elegant “ side stones?” These little stones line the sides of your engagement ring for added brilliance and glow. Some of these side stone shapes include the half moon cut, trillion cut, and trapezoids.

Focus on the Stone & Choose a Slimmer Band

When choosing your ring, you want the focus to be on the stones, not the band. By choosing a slimmer band, you will ensure that the eye is drawn to your gemstone, rather than the metal band. A thinner band also makes your ring appear more elegant.

Choose a Bezel Setting

Bezels are popular now with engagement rings because of the way they set off the stone and surround it with beauty. You can improve this look even more by adding a milgrain edge which adds a little more dimension to the bezel.

Make it Your Own!

Most of all, when you choose your engagement ring, you should make it your own by finding the perfect stone that reflects your inner beauty. Everyone is different. That’s what makes us so unique. You can custom design your ring by visiting with one of our diamond brokers.

We are Denver’s most trusted custom-design diamond broker, and we understand how you want your ring to last a lifetime. All of our diamonds are GIA-Certified so that every diamond is the best quality possible before we pass it on to you.

Starting with the best cut, stone, and shape then adding your style is the best way to make sure that your diamond will last as long as your memories do!