Handmade vs Custom Engagement Rings: What’s The Difference?

The terms “custom” and “handmade” get thrown around a lot when referring to engagement rings and both have their merits. As partners look to express their love in a meaningful way separate from the assembly-line jewelry you see at stores, these terms have become more popular. This week we’ll take a look at custom rings, handmade rings and talk about the real difference between them.

Custom Engagement Rings

Jewelry often has a balance between price and effort. A lot of rings are made using a process called “casting” using molds, also sometimes referred to as “moulds”. These molds have preset shapes that allow for quicker and a quicker and more efficient way to cast engagement rings. That can save you cost, but it also can also stifle creativity. Assembly-line jewelry uses pure molds and delivers a pre-made product that the user can shop from.

What defines a custom ring is that the customer gets to decide how the ring looks. If needed, the jeweler will use molds where they can, but the end design will be decided by the customer and advised by the jeweler. The Diamond Reserve, for example, sits down with clients to decide exactly how they want their custom engagement rings, or other jewelry, to look. We’ll work with you to utilize any cost-saving measures as needed, but our ultimate goal is quality and a unique ring that properly demonstrates your timeless love for each other. In short, we make sure that pre-assembled pieces and set molds aren’t coming in between you and the ring you truly want.

So What’s The Difference?

Now for the confusing part: though they’re often referred to separately, custom rings and handmade rings are synonymous. If you’re with a trusted custom jeweler who is pouring their heart into a piece of jewelry then they’re going to be adding the settings, gemstones, engravings and anything else by hand. There is only so much 3D printers and casting can do; if you want true quality then it needs to be done professionally by hand.

We create handmade, custom engagement rings that have no set blueprint. They’re crafted in a collaborative effort where we consult and shape your imagination into the most important ring that you’ll ever need. There are some things that can’t be sacrificed, and the most meaningful physical symbol of your love is something that we don’t take for granted.

If you’re looking for a unique, custom engagement ring crafted by the industry’s top experts, then schedule your appointment or call us at (720) 560-3548.