Gemstones And Their Meanings

Gemstones hold powerful meanings that have been defined through centuries of possession. In Roman days, the appearance of certain gemstones foreshadowed a grim fate, while others were cherished because they brought about good fortune. Of course, some of it lies in superstition, but the symbolic nature of gemstones allows us to send a specific message to our loved ones without saying a word. We’ll take a look at the most familiar gemstones and their significance:


Diamonds were long believed to be detoxifying and an excellent way to cleanse the poisons of the mind. Additionally, they were known to strengthen the thoughts of their user, granting conviction to their actions.

When to use: Diamonds are typically used to ask tough questions, generally revolving around marriage. They send a powerful message and provide much-needed conviction during some of the hardest questions and conversations.


Ruby has historically acted as a royal shield against declining health and bad fortune. A symbol of love, Ruby is used to allow one’s emotions to flow freely, expressing their true love at it’s full strength.

When to use: Ruby is excellent as a gift when given to someone who is both your best friend and your lover. The intersection of those criteria requires the most open of hearts, which is exactly what Ruby symbolizes.


Times of peace and prosperity are often marked with the emergence of sapphire. Spiritual strength, prayer, inspiration, insight and a clear mind are most often associated with this gemstone and many older civilizations believed that the presence of sapphire gave them clairvoyance; a look into the future.

When to use: Directly after a tumultuous event when the clouds part and life is peaking. Sapphire is often used as a celebration of overcoming any hardship.


The term ‘the Emerald dream’ was not without merit, as Emeralds are often known to grant peaceful dreams, patience and an excellent balance in life. While the gemstone has often been associated with greed, it has just as often been associated with fertility.

When to use: When you’ve introduced new life to the earth or during a pregnancy are two excellent times to use Emeralds. It’s times like those that we need the best sleep, balance and a ton of patience.


Topaz is a peaceful and strong gem known for de-escalating bad situations and dissolving anger. It provides mental strength, clarity, confidence and focus. Topaz is an excellent gift for someone who struggles with mood swings, bipolar disorder, depression or just sheer exhaustion from their daily duties.

When to use: Topaz is best used during times of strife where a partner might be going through a lot of turmoil. Let them know that the stone is meant to provide mental fortitude against fear, worry or sadness.

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