February’s Birthstone

This historically rich gemstone has mentions in Greek Mythology, is the zodiac sign of the goat and boasts a color resembling fine wine. It’s said to grant its wearer a clear mind and a sharp wit. Oddly enough, it was also believed that this gemstone gave you a higher alcohol tolerance (which led to the folly of many men). This gemstone is none other than Amethyst.

The Jewel of Brazil

To say that there is a lot of Amethyst in Brazil would be the understatement of the year. Occurring in areas with volcanic activity (a common catalyst for it’s creation), Amethyst is found in Southwestern Brazil and Uruguay. While it’s found in other places such as South Korea, India, Austria and elsewhere, it’s also the state gemstone of South Carolina, whose museums host some very impressive Amethyst exhibits.

While this gemstone has a huge symbolic history, it used to be a cardinal gemstone as well. Along with Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, Amethyst was one of the 5 major gemstones before being demoted off the list.

Both Beautiful and Durable

As a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, Amethyst is a fairly hard gemstone. While it can still chip, it’s one of the easier gemstones to maintain and keep safe. It does require polishing to keep it’s natural color and it can start to look a bit muddy if you don’t maintain it, but the maintenance is generally pretty minor.

As a wine-red/purple color, it offers a nice contrast from the typical gemstones and can give the immediate impression of elegance and works great on any piece of jewelry.