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What Percentage of Diamonds are Flawless?

The ever-famous flawless diamond is sought after so often that it’s become a staple in movies, games and books. While diamonds at this level of perfection are certainly rare, they are not unobtainable by any means. However, you’re going to have to dip into your bank account to get your hands on one of these.

What Defines ‘Flawless’?

Flawless is the absence of visible blemishes and inclusions, visible being the key word. At some level, every diamond is going to have an imperfection, but no one else is going to be walking around with a 100x magnifying telescope to call you out on it (we hope). The range of ‘visible’ is actually more of a point of contention as a lot of people define flawless as being blemish-free at up to 10x magnification.

What Percentage of Diamonds are Flawless?

Between 0.5% and 1% of natural diamonds are flawless, which accentuates just how rare these truly are. On top of that, flawless diamonds are essentially their own market as they’re so sought after, meaning their price fluctuates off the normal GIA grades, a reason that diamond prices go up exponentially with quality at certain ranges.

Does Flawless Mean Internal?

The tricky thing about flawless diamonds is that they must be blemish-free internally and externally. If a diamond is only flawless internally, it will be known as an IF diamond (IF meaning ‘Internally Flawless’).

This is significant as even the transportation of the diamond can cause it to lose a lot of value. Once the diamond is purchased, it obviously has the likelihood of being chipped or scratched at some point as well which brings us to our last point.

Don’t Obsess

We can get you a flawless diamond, but a common mistake is to obsess over them and try to keep them flawless forever. As with your relationship, diamonds will end up with some blemishes, but in the end they remain durable and everlasting. They aren’t meant to be kept in a safe, so wear your diamond proudly and try not to worry too much if you do end up scratching it a bit.