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What is the Meaning of a Promise Ring?

Promise rings have become increasingly more popular over the past few years, but have been around for quite some time. Yet, there still seems to be confusion surrounding the promise ring. We will discuss the history of a promise ring, when to give a promise ring, and the big question, what is the meaning of a promise ring.

What is the History of a Promise Ring?

Promise rings have a long history dating clear back to the ancient Romans. Back in those times the promise ring symbolized a waiting period between the engagement and marriage. The tradition then grew into promise rings being given as a sign of affection.

Today a promise ring is less about a mandatory waiting period and more about a sign of commitment. It is not necessarily as strong of a commitment as an engagement but a way to say that the relationship is growing more serious. It is a good midway point for couples who are waiting two or more years before planning on marriage.

When is the Time to Give a Promise Ring?

A great time to give a promise ring is to show monogamy. This will show your significant other that you are dedicated to the relationship. Promise rings can also be a great way to express friendship. Friends can give each other the same ring and wear them on the same finger.

Timing is everything when it comes to exchanging promise rings. A great time to give your significant other a promise ring is when you know you want to marry them, but you are just not ready to be engaged. It is a perfect way to say I want to marry you, just not right at this moment.

What is the Meaning of a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is usually a promise agreed upon between your significant other and yourself. The most common meaning of a promise ring is commitment and love in a romantic relationship. Most times a promise ring is the first symbol of a relationship becoming more serious.

A promise ring can symbolize so many different things. When giving a promise ring it is a must to be clear about the intentions of the ring. Typically a promise ring can mean a future engagement or a plan to propose in the near future. However, some couples will give a promise ring to show their loyalty to the relationship.

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