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What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

As the name suggests, an oval shaped diamond is a symmetrical, elongated rounded shape with high brilliance and sparkle. This fancy shape is a popular and lovely choice for an engagement ring and lends itself well to all sorts of settings including a simple solitaire, halo or three stone. Let’s learn more about this elegant diamond shape. 

What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

While oval shaped diamonds and gemstones have existed for hundreds of years, the modern oval cut was developed in 1957 by Russian diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan who had a knack for salvaging stones thought to be deformed and blemished by other cutters. Kaplan was able to transform these undesirable rough stones into stunning diamonds and his oval cut technique is still used today.  

Considered a fancy shape, which refers to any cut that isn’t a round brilliant, the oval and its 57-58 facets possess a similar level of fire and brilliance as a round diamond. Unlike round diamonds which are always round, ovals come in a variety of different shapes from wide to slender. Dependent on personal style and preference, the oval cut is usually most appealing with a ratio between 1.30-1.50. A larger ratio will give a more narrow, long oval shape, elongating the finger, while a smaller ratio will give a more rounded shape.

Oval and round cut diamonds are both brilliant cuts, meaning they’re designed to maximize the reflection of light and create lots of sparkle. The elongated oval makes it appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight, so if you want a rounded shape with a little more character, the oval is a great choice. It also works with just about any type of setting making it easy to style and customize. 

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings 

The oval consistently ranks as one of the most popular diamond shapes. The elongated style can have a slimming effect on your finger and is a timeless and elegant shape with plenty of brilliance and sparkle. The elongated design gives it the illusion of being larger than stones with the same carat weight, and because the oval cut utilizes a larger amount of the original rough stone, it’s generally an affordable shape on a per-carat basis.

Like other rounded shapes, the oval has a smooth shape that’s less likely to catch or snag on your clothing and less prone to chipping and just the round shape, is extremely versatile and can work with just about any setting. A sparkling halo of diamonds or a pavé band make the oval center stone radiate even more, while a classic solitaire allows it to take center stage. Side stones add complimentary sparkle and could be just about any shape with a twisted, split or simple band.  

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