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What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

A radiant cut diamond combines an emerald or Asscher step-cut with a round brilliant to produce one of the most dazzling square or rectangular shapes available. Even though it’s a relatively new shape, the radiant is an excellent choice for an engagement ring that has incredible brilliance and fire that’s more affordable than other brilliant cuts. 

What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

After decades of effort by master diamond cutter, Henry Grossbard, the radiant cut emerged in the late 1970’s making it one of the newest diamond shapes. Grossbard created a technique that combined the best elements of emerald and round diamond cuts; the octagonal shape and cropped corners are inspired by an emerald cut, while the faceting is reminiscent of a round brilliant. It was the first rectangular diamond cut to feature brilliant facets, a whopping 70 of them (a round brilliant only has 58). 

Radiant cut diamonds have the silhouette of an emerald shape, but show far more brilliance and sparkle. It comes in both square and rectangular shapes, and its corners are beveled making it less likely to chip. The radiant was the first diamond cut to feature a brilliant facet pattern on both the crown and pavilion, and the only cut that surpasses the radiant in brilliance is the round brilliant.

Unlike a cushion cut which is soft, pillowy and curvaceous with its rounded sides and corners, radiant cut diamonds have straight sides and straight cut corners. A radiant has small, sharp facets, which create mega sparkle, while a cushion has larger facets and is better known for its fiery rainbow flashes. Princess cut diamonds while also a square cut have a completely different facet pattern and sharp corners prone to snag and chip unlike a radiant whose beveled corners make it more durable than a princess cut. 

Why Choose a Radiant Diamond?

Radiant cuts are perfect for those who love the clean, geometric look of an emerald, but want the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond. Its beveled corners make for remarkably smooth edges which are less likely to snag or chip. With its 70 facets, the intensity of its shine and sparkle are almost unmatched, and the cracked ice appearance of a radiant cut diamond can be absolutely stunning in any kind of setting and in any style ring. 

This is one of the most affordable shapes because the cutting process uses a larger percentage of the original rough diamond, so very little goes to waste. The sheer amount of facets also tends to hide inclusions and flaws better than other cuts, allowing for a lower quality diamond to produce a great end result. Per carat, a radiant is definitely more for your money, but they do face up with a smaller visual size so you may want to go larger than you initially thought. 

If you’re looking at colored diamonds, the multifaceted radiant cut will intensify the hue, but if you’re looking for something colorless, you shouldn’t go below the G-H range, which means spending a bit more on diamond color, or opting for a yellow gold setting which tricks the eye into seeing the diamond as whiter than it is.

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