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What is a Gypsy Ring Setting?

A gyspy setting is also referred to as a flush mount, burnished or hammer setting, and features stones that are set into rather than on top of a ring or piece of jewelry. This setting’s minimalist style and sturdy construction make it a great choice for both men’s and women’s engagement and wedding rings.  

What is a Flush Mount Ring Setting?

While this setting style has a modern sensibility, it’s been around for centuries, dating back to antiquity and the Imperial Roman era. They were popular during the Victorian era, and served as an alternative to the flowery and ornate jewelry styles of the time. Initially favored by men because of their robustness, these rings later became widely worn by women due to their timeless elegance.

Since “gypsy” is now acknowledged as a potentially offensive and outdated term, we use the moniker flush mount setting, which more accurately and appropriately describes the setting since the stone is set flush with the metal band without any visible prongs. Jewelers use a burnishing tool and hammer technique to secure the metal around the stone, so this setting can also be referred to as a burnished or hammer setting.

To achieve this setting, a jeweler drills a hole into the metal band and creates a depression according to the stone cut and size. After the stone is set, the circumference or girdle of the stone is covered by the metal of the band by pushing and hammering it around the stone. In a bezel setting a protruding rim of metal wraps around the stone whereas with a flush mount setting, the stone is sunk into the metal and sits just below the surface.

Is a Flush Mount Setting Good for an Engagement Ring?

This is one of the most secure styles of setting, perfect for everyday wear, including for those with an active lifestyle that don’t want to worry about prong snags or their stones being chipped, scratched or damaged. Since this setting involves sinking the stone into the ring and creating a flush surface with the metal, soft stones are not suitable for this style as they can potentially be damaged during the setting process.

More commonly used for accent diamonds or smaller stones set into engagement and wedding rings, this style of setting can also be used to set a center diamond or stone. Choosing a flush mount setting is a dramatic alternative from the traditional high prong settings of most modern engagement rings that showcase a raised diamond or gem. While less flashy than other settings,  this contemporary style focuses on the ring’s beauty as a whole. 

The ring style can be suitable for both men and women, perfect for identical wedding bands, or could double as an engagement ring and wedding band all in one. You can choose just about cut center stone and this style lends itself well to milgrain or other types of metalwork for a unique, personalized design. 

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s a little less flashy and more wearable, this could be the perfect setting for you. Let us help you create the perfect custom piece of jewelry and answer all of your questions about settings and style. Give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule your appointment.