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What is a Basket Ring Setting?

A basket setting is a type of prong setting that includes traditional prongs extending up from the band of the ring, but also has horizontal bands wrapping around the prongs creating a “basket” for the center stone to sit in. When viewed from the top, prong and basket settings are practically indistinguishable, but there are marked differences between the two. 

Basket vs Prong Engagement Ring Setting 

The setting is what ultimately defines the style of your ring and how the center stone will be displayed. One of the most common settings that securely holds stones in place, is a prong setting. A prong, also called a claw setting, typically has four to six metal pieces that extend from the band of the ring over the stone to hold it in place. A basket setting also has horizontal bands that connect the prongs and provide a base where the gemstone is set. 

Due in part to the fact that the center stone will sit lower on your finger making it less prone to being damaged, a basket setting is more secure than a traditional prong. While the additional horizontal metal band does obstruct some light creating a little less sparkle, it also provides an additional bit of protection to the sides of your stone. Choosing a basket setting also gives room for embellishments which makes the ring a little harder to clean, but adds to the aesthetic of your ring. 

A prong setting allows the stone to be exposed to more light, maximizing its sparkle, but the stone sits higher off the band than a basket setting leaving it more vulnerable to snags and damage. The higher setting also makes it more likely to fit snugly against your wedding band. There are different styles of prongs and you can always opt for more to enhance the durability of this setting. 

Why Choose a Basket Engagement Ring Setting?

If you lead a more active lifestyle or use your hands a lot for work, you may want to consider a lower profile and more secure ring setting. The basket setting is a great alternative if you want a prong setting, but need a little more durability. The additional horizontal bands in a basket setting reinforce the prongs making it more durable than prongs alone. 

With the extra space between the bottom of the basket and the shank of the ring, known as the gallery, a basket setting allows more room for creativity and embellishment. The horizontal basket bands can be beautifully adorned with intricate milgrain or filigree for a vintage feel, or set with tiny diamonds to optimize the sparkle and shine of your center stone.  

Choosing between a classic prong setting and a basket setting ultimately comes down to considering both your lifestyle and the design and look that feels right for you. Let us help you design the perfect engagement ring. Give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment.