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What Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

There are many different cuts of diamonds with many different purposes. Some create a more elegant feel while others illuminate surrounding lights much better. A common question on the minds of many is: what diamond cut sparkles the most? It’s quite a fair question as well seeing as you want your diamond to have the most impact possible and set the strongest tone.

Before we dive into it, let’s look at the ‘why’ first:

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

Imagine a reflective sheet of metal and how it can blast light back at you. Diamonds are covered in these reflective sheets. They’re the flat surfaces all over the diamonds that we refer to as ‘facets’. As you can probably imagine, having one facet would cause one powerful beam of light. When you make the facets smaller and add many more of them, you get what we refer to as ‘sparkle’. This is due to the facets reflecting light off of each other and fragmenting the light in a way that looks aesthetic.

Of course, the more facets you craft onto a diamond, the more complicated it becomes to craft. Making proper custom diamond jewelry, in that case, can take decades of practice.

The Round Brilliant Cut

There is, quite literally, a cut known as the “Round Brilliant Cut”. This cut aims to maximize the number of facets on the diamond while still keeping light fragmentation aesthetic. These cuts are typically circular and can almost look like the mirrors of a fun house. Due to their immense brilliance and sparkle, they are the all time favorite and most popular, though they are not one of the easier shapes to execute, which is why it’s important that you go through an experienced custom jeweler.

Another cut that includes a lot of sparkle is the Oval Cut. Our Instagram has a perfect example of a proper Oval cut for reference. The elongated nature of it gives a beautiful and unique look, though it’s not quite as popular as the Round Brilliant cut it is a common favorite.

If you’re looking for maximum sparkle, a Round Brilliant Cut is probably your best bet. Between Round Brilliant, Oval and even something like a Radiant Cut, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your ring light up a room. Set up an appointment with Kaeleigh or call us at (720) 560-3548 to get started!