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What are the Most Timeless Diamond Shapes?

Diamonds have captivated hearts for centuries, their brilliance and fire a symbol of love, luxury, and enduring beauty, but with so many cuts and shapes available, choosing the perfect diamond can be daunting. Trends will always come and go, but timeless engagement rings will remain popular throughout the decades. Trending styles are always fun and unique, but choosing a timeless design can be a safer move in the long run compared to styles that ebb and flow as the times change. Let’s explore these enduring favorites.

Diamonds That Never Go Out of Style: A Guide to Timeless Shapes

Some diamond shapes transcend trends, remaining timeless classics. By saying timeless, we mean a ring that is simpler overall and holds up in terms of its style. A timeless piece of jewelry will always be in fashion and should be trend-resistant. The ideal diamond shape is a matter of personal preference, and when you’re designing a ring you should consider your style, the occasion, and what complements your finger best. Remember, these timeless shapes offer enduring elegance and dazzling beauty, ensuring your diamond ring remains a cherished treasure for years to come, but ultimately the choice is yours. 

The Unmatched Round Brilliant: A true icon, the round brilliant cut reigns supreme, and is considered the most timeless of them all. Its meticulously proportioned facets maximize a diamond’s brilliance, creating a dazzling play of light and fire. Due to the way round diamonds are cut, they typically sparkle more than the rest, and offer the most brilliance. This timeless cut is the most popular choice for engagement rings, offering unparalleled sparkle and a classic silhouette that never goes out of style.

The Sophisticated Oval: This lovely cut is the perfect option for someone wanting something besides a typical round cut diamond, that offers a touch of modern elegance and will never look dated. Due to the finger flattering elongated shape of an oval diamond, they look larger than their round counterparts since they cover more surface area. The sophisticated and classy oval cut also retains excellent brilliance, making it a scintillating choice for those who desire a touch of individuality without compromising sparkle.

The Vintage Charm of the Emerald: Rectangular with cropped corners, the emerald cut exudes a timeless elegance. It’s one of the oldest diamond shapes with origins dating back to the 1500’s. With an art deco inspiration due to the clean lines and symmetry, emerald cuts are extremely timeless and pair well with many different settings. Its large, step-cut facets showcase the diamond’s clarity and inner beauty, and give the appearance of longer and thinner fingers. While not as brilliant as round cuts, emerald cuts offer a sophisticated allure perfect for those who appreciate a unique and vintage aesthetic.

The Alluring Cushion: Combining a square shape with softer, rounded corners, the cushion cut offers a romantic and vintage feel. Cushion cut diamonds are known for their elegant design and typically have a lower price tag than their round counterparts. It reflects a delightful play of light and brilliance, similar to the round cut, but with a softer and more organic look. The cushion cut is also a versatile choice, complementing a variety of engagement ring styles.

Diamond Cut, the Unsung Hero of Sparkle

Shape refers to the overall outline of the diamond (round, princess, oval, etc.). While the shape of a diamond is an important factor, remember that a diamond’s cut quality significantly impacts its brilliance and beauty. The cut is the art of transforming a rough stone into a dazzling masterpiece, and refers to the quality and proportions of a diamond’s facets, influencing how light interacts with the stone. A well-cut diamond of any timeless shape will outshine a poorly cut diamond of any trendy design. Always prioritize a well-cut diamond, regardless of the shape.

Here’s why understanding diamond cut is crucial:

  • The Birth of Brilliance: A well-cut diamond interacts flawlessly with light. Each facet is meticulously carved to maximize light reflection and refraction, creating the breathtaking sparkle we associate with diamonds. A poorly cut diamond, with uneven facets or proportions, will appear dull and lifeless, despite its size or clarity.
  • Beyond the Initial Sparkle: Cut also impacts a diamond’s fire, the flashes of rainbow colors that dance within the stone. A well-cut diamond exhibits a captivating play of fire, adding depth and dimension to its brilliance.
  • The Science of Light: Diamond cutting is a science as much as an art. Skilled artisans meticulously calculate angles, proportions, and symmetry to ensure optimal light performance. This precision cutting allows the diamond to internally reflect most of the incoming light, resulting in the mesmerizing sparkle we cherish.

Don’t be swayed solely by carat weight. A well-cut diamond, even with a slightly lower carat weight, can outshine a larger diamond with a poor cut, so you get more brilliance for your buck. An expert-cut diamond is also wise as an investment. Its superior brilliance ensures it remains a timeless treasure, holding its beauty and value for generations. A reputable jeweler can show you how a cut dramatically affects a diamond’s brilliance and help you choose the best diamond, cut and shape for your special ring.

Regardless of what cut and shape you prefer, at The Diamond Reserve, we can make all of your custom engagement ring dreams come true. We work with diamonds of all shapes and sizes and look forward to chatting with you to help you design the perfect ring. Please give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule an appointment.