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What are the Most Timeless Diamond Shapes?

Are you looking to pop the question but are worried about recent engagement trends that come and go in a matter of months? Trending styles are always a fun and unique route to take, but sometimes, going a more timeless route can be a safer move for the long run compared to styles that ebb and flow as the times change.

Here at the Diamond Reserve, we are all about Timeless jewelry. By saying Timeless, we mean a ring that is simpler overall and holds up in terms of its style. A timeless piece of jewelry will always be in fashion and should be trend-resistant. Trends will always come and go, but timeless engagement rings remain popular throughout the decades.

For this week, we are going to dive into the four most timeless diamond shapes in our professional opinion.


Starting off, Round Diamonds are considered the most timeless of them all! Round diamonds are about as classy as can be, and they account for roughly 75% of all diamonds that are sold. Due to the way that round diamonds are cut, they typically sparkle even more than the rest. As round diamonds typically offer the most brilliance, this means they also stand alone very well without the need for extra side stones or pairings to add to the flair. Nothing is more gorgeous than a sparkly, round diamond on its own.

Round brilliant cut diamonds have an extremely rich history in the diamond worlds and will continue to be a standard in engagement ring designs due to their popularity.

Cushion Cut

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, we absolutely love the cushion cut diamond. A cushion cut diamond is a squared shape diamond with rounded corners that somewhat resembles a pillow, hence the name. This classic cut has been around longer than most other cuts of diamonds and has remained one of the most popular choices for 200+ years. Cushion cut diamonds are known for their elegant design and typically have a lower price tag than their round counterparts.

Some pros to this timeless cut is that they have a high level of brilliance and reflect white and colored light very well. In addition, they are a unique shape that can add to the overall uniqueness of the ring. As mentioned previously, they are slightly lower in price and combine classic fashion with a modern flair. This special cut of diamond is as timeless as can be and will be around for the long-haul in terms of diamond trends.


Oval shaped diamonds have been around for ages, yet remain classic and timeless due to their traditional look that still holds a slight twist. This special cut is a perfect option for someone wanting something besides a typical round cut diamond, but will never look dated at the same time.

Due to the elongated shape of an Oval diamond, they look larger than their round counterparts since they cover more surface area. When you compare diamonds side by side that are the same carat weight, the oval shaped diamonds always look larger. In addition to the larger surface area, Ovals are extremely elegant looking and are very flattering for all fingers shapes.

Their lower profile setting and elongated entirety give more sparkle and make your fingers look more slender visually. Overall, they are sophisticated, classy and the 58 facets they entail allow the diamond to sparkle from every angle.


Similar to oval diamonds, emerald cut diamonds are very popular due to their long, elegant and elongated body. This cut gives the appearance of longer and thinner fingers to whomever is wearing the gorgeous piece in addition to the larger facet that the stone entails. Some of the world’s most famous and expensive diamonds are emerald cut for these reasons!

Emerald cut diamonds have been around since the late middle ages and are highly reminiscent of class and sophistication due to brides that are drawn to this cut. The emerald cut diamond is one of the oldest diamond shapes with origins dating back to the 1500’s. With an art deco inspiration due to the clean lines and symmetry, emerald cuts are extremely timeless since the cut is so versatile and pairs well with many different settings.

Regardless of what cut and shape you prefer, at The Diamond Reserve, we are able to make all of your custom engagement ring dreams come true. We work with all shapes and sizes and look forward to chatting with you more. Please give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule your appointment!