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Tis’ the Selfie Season

Tips for the Taking the Best Engagement Ring Selfie

Engagement season is here, and selfies are still in. After your beloved proposes and you are finally one with your ring, it is time to take a selfie! There are ways to ensure you and your ring reach maximum shine in your social media shares. We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure your engagement ring selfie is on point this holiday season!


Just like diamonds, lighting is everything in the world of selfies. To ensure your diamond’s color, clarity, carat, and cut are presented in their best light, seek a natural source. Natural lighting that has been diffused slightly picks up the facets in your diamond without washing you out. Make sure your light source hits you straight on to avoid odd shadows on your face and engagement ring. No one wants their selfie to lead followers into questioning if there are inclusions or lines on your diamond or your face.


Selfie angles are a superpower; but with great power comes great responsibility. Used to your advantage, the correct selfie angle can enhance your diamond size and sharpen your jawline. Used incorrectly, your selfie angle can dwarf your diamond and cause your nose to be the centerfold. Long story short, things in the middle of pictures appear larger. Thus, stick that gorgeous engagement ring dead-center and peek out from behind your newly acquired artifact of commitment. Post, sit back, and relax as your comments fill with overestimated carat sizes and flattery for your slimmed bod. You got the power.


This one may be hard to hear, but filters dull sparkle, brilliance, and fire. They add odd hues to your close to colorless stone. They are a no-go for engagement ring selfies. If you absolutely feel the need to filter your photo, go for sharpening filters that increase the visibility of your ring’s unique details and dimensions. Make sure the filter is cool in tone. Stay far, far, far away from warm overlays. You and your new fiance facebook status will live happily ever after.


Lastly, remember the reason for the season. LOVE. Your followers and community will be ecstatic for your engagement regardless of the selfie you post. Getting engaged is a mammoth milestone! Remind yourself that your true love has expressed they want to do life with you forever, cheese your very hardest, and snap that selfie. An authentic engagement ring selfie IS the perfect engagement ring selfie. Oh, with one more requirement. Tag The Diamond Reserve and tell all your followers to book an appointment with us in the new year. That’s how you have a happy new selfie year!