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Singer Brandy Has Spontaneous Proposal!

If you were a child of the 90s you most likely know exactly who Brandy is.  The singer and actress who was a pop and sitcom star in the 1990s just recently became engaged to Ryan Press.

The two have been dating for about two years since they first made their romance public on New Years Eve 2011 in Las Vegas.  The couple was once again ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas when Brandy explained how spontaneous and completely unexpected the proposal off music executive Ryan Press was.  Brandy didn’t seem to have a clue what Ryan was planning and she even explained that she felt that he didn’t really put that much planning into it either.  He simply “felt it” and bought the ring and proposed.

The ring is certainly a sparkler, even though Brandy told People Magazine in March that she would marry him with a cheap plastic ring, she was obviously thrilled by the gorgeous diamond ring she did receive.  The ring seems to have a certain stone that is between 3-5 carats.  It is set in most likely platinum or white gold halo settings.  There are diamonds that not only surround the center diamond but that surround those diamonds and then trail down the band.  The ring is definitely stunning but also within reason and not over the top.

It is refreshing to see a celebrity with an appropriately sized ring on their finger that has a deep meaning. Congratulations Brandy and Ryan!  The Diamond Reserve would love to help you find you dream engagement ring.  Come visit us today!