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Simple Celebrity Engagement Rings to Inspire

When it comes to celebrities, usually more is more. But when we are talking about celebrity engagement rings, there are a few occasions where less is actually more. Some stars have opted for smaller stones and more timeless designs than others. Let’s take a look at some classic and simple celebrity engagement rings to inspire. 

Simple Stunning Solitaire 

The solitaire ring setting is forever a classic and celebrity favorite. Solitaire rings feature one diamond with no other stones to distract from the main piece. This setting accentuates the sparkle of your diamond being placed on a simple and typically thin metal band. Solitaires are simple, but they can be versatile as well, with a variety of diamond shapes and metal options. 

Two stars who opted for the simplistic and stunning round solitaire setting are Michelle Obama and Mila Kunis. Michelle Obama’s round diamond solitaire ring emulates timeless beauty. The diamond is set with 6 prongs on a yellow gold band, accompanied by a matching solid gold wedding band. This look is one that is wearable everyday, but really places emphasis on the sole diamond of the ring. Similarly, Mila Kunis has a round diamond solitaire ring, but hers is set on a white gold or platinum band that really spotlights the sparkle of the round diamond. 

Another beautiful and timeless take on the solitaire setting is Jennifer Lawrence’s emerald cut diamond engagement ring. This ring sports a rather large emerald cut diamond on a white gold or platinum band with 4 slim prongs. Emerald cut diamonds have a step cut faceting that emulates a different luster and brilliance than round diamonds, but both make for a simple and stunning solitaire setting. 

One(ish) Carat Wonder

Carat weight plays a big part in the cost and design of an engagement ring. Many people have the thought that size matters, but to a few stars, one carat was plenty. Amy Adams and Julia Stiles both opted for a modest diamond, close to the one carat mark. 

When it comes to both price and practicality, a one carat diamond is right on the mark. The problem is, not everyone knows what one carat even means. One carat refers to the unit of measurement that refers to weight of the diamond, not the shape. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. However, the actual look of a one carat diamond will depend on the way the diamond is cut, the clarity of the diamond and the setting on a ring. 

As far as celebrities who have chosen to stick to a modest carat weight, there are a few ways they have accentuated their “smaller” stone. One of the best ways to do this is to find a high-quality diamond from color to cut (for round diamonds) to clarity. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has a grading system that rates diamonds based on a number of factors, including color, cut and clarity. A one carat diamond with higher color, cut and clarity will shine more brightly and carry more brilliance than a larger carat weight with a lower color, cut or clarity grade. 

Both Amy Adams and Julia Stiles have roughly one carat diamonds that likely are of the highest quality. Each star has a round diamond engagement ring, one of the most brilliant cuts a diamond can come in. If you are looking to stay within the one carat range, it is more than possible to create a stunning ring that sparkles brilliantly without being overwhelming like many celebrity rings can be. 

Bezel Set and Beautiful 

Another beautiful setting that seems to be trending among some celebs is the bezel setting. A bezel setting refers to a thin arc of metal that secures the ring’s center diamond from all sides, like a metal rim versus the prongs of a solitaire setting. It’s thought that the bezel is one of the oldest setting types likely used since the beginning of stone setting. A bezel set can emulate timeless elegance that draws the eye to the brilliance of the center diamond. 

Some find that a bezel setting can feel more secure than a prong setting, making it an ideal choice for those with an active lifestyle. Traditionally speaking, it can not only feel more secure setting wise, but it also is a symbol of stability in relationships. If you are one for tradition, symbolism and a vintage elegant feel, a bezel setting could be a celebrity engagement ring trend to consider. 

Two stars who went for a beautiful and unique bezel setting are Rooney Mara and Lily Collins. Rooney Mara’s unique hexagon-shaped diamond lies in a platinum bezel setting and band, while Lily Collins rose-cut profile diamond lies in a yellow gold bezel setting with a matching band. Both stars are sporting roughly 3-4 carats in their beautiful bezel setting that has a classic vintage feel with a modern vibe. 

Finding the perfect diamond and setting is key to loving your engagement ring forever. When you are ready to bring the brilliance to life, come see us at The Diamond Reserve for all your custom engagement ring needs.