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Signifying Your Growth: Ideas for Newlyweds

A ring is one of many ways to mark the beginning of your journey together. As couples dig further and further into their spirituality and creativity, they’re coming up with new ways to express their love and visualize their growth as a couple. Below are a few creative ideas for you to do with your new spouse:

Plant Trees

Many couples are starting to plant trees on the day of their wedding in their yard. Some even go as far as to groom the trees so they intertwine with each other as they grow (this is a lot of work and you could end up with a mutilated tree though). Watching the trees grow is an incredible visual reminder of how far you’ve come. As the trees grow thicker and sturdier, your relationship will grow with them.

Of course, your yard isn’t the only place you can plant a tree. Have a favorite anniversary spot that you visit every year? Plant one there and check it’s progress with each anniversary. Also, if you would like to try your hand at combining trees then look at “Inosculation”.

Etchings & Engravings

This could be directly on your wedding ring or anywhere else aside from your body (tattoos are generally a bad idea). For example, a couple that is into archery might get their significant other’s name engraved on their bow, or a pair of kayakers might name the kayak and etch the name into the side of it.


This one’s a bit cheesier and all of the stars you’ll see technically already have names, but almost no one really knows or cares about them. If you’re in an area with visible stars then wait until night time and pick two stars next to each other. We’d suggest picking two stars that are relatively easy to find (next to the big dipper is common).

Regardless of the method(s) you choose, it’s important to find a visual reminder of your love for one another. Something that can help you survive the stormy days and remind you of what you really have.