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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Growing in Popularity

What do you want your engagement ring to say about you? Your unique personality and natural beauty should shine through when choosing your engagement ring. How do you choose the perfect ring to communicate this?

Traditional or Different?

Many people decide to go traditional all of the ways when it comes to their engagement ring. That’s fine if that’s what you prefer to do. Choosing a standard gold color such as yellow gold or white gold accented with a beautiful solitaire stone is also an excellent choice. But if you want to make a statement that illustrates the unique person you are, you may want to consider a rose gold engagement ring.

Rose gold has a beautiful light copper pinkish tint that stands out because of its beautiful, unique color. It is nicely accented by either solitary stones or a set of multiple diamonds or other precious gems.

Three Settings for Rose Gold Rings

If you are wondering which setting to create for your customized rose gold ring, below are three exquisite ideas you can check into:

  1. Oval Twist Setting– This set includes a twisted look that features several smaller diamonds on the sides of the rose gold ring in addition to the solitaire stone in the middle. It is a cathedral style that is both elegant and charming and looks great with the rose gold color choice.
  2. Three-prong Pear Setting– This style, as its name implies features a triple setting enhanced by a pear-shaped solitaire diamond. Featuring a triangular geometric look, the rose gold color that surrounds it also features several smaller but significant diamonds on the sides of this classic-looking ring. If you like lots of diamonds in a delicate rose gold ring, this would be an excellent choice of style.
  3. Four-prong Solitaire Setting– This style features four prongs of rose gold in the setting to display your diamond or other precious gemstones for your wedding day. The rose gold adds a unique color enhancement that white or yellow gold doesn’t do when you are looking to add something special to your ring look.

Why is rose gold growing in popularity?

Everyone is different. The traditional bride likes to have more conventional choices in her wedding gown, cake, engagement ring, and other aspects of her special day. But if you are someone who wants your engagement ring to shine far beyond your wedding day and tell the world how unique you are, rose gold is a good choice. Many couples decide to create a single engagement ring that is different and has the beautiful pinkish glow of rose gold.

Rose Gold Value

Rose gold is just as valuable as yellow gold, (depending on the quality and style) and it allows you to make a statement that you want to stray from the traditional looks to something more artistic and unique.

If you want an engagement ring that is as special as you are, then schedule an appointment.

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