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Proposing With A Handcuff Engagement Ring

For some people, this type of ring can seem completely ridiculous, for others, it is the perfect option to celebrate the uniqueness of their relationship.  If you are marrying a police officer or maybe you are a police officer, this might be the perfect way for you and your special someone to display your pride in your career.
This ring really looks and feels like a handcuff that police officers use.  The only difference is that it doesn’t open and close, unfortunately.  The stone is set just above where the chain would connect the second cuff to make it a pair, making an extremely elegant throne for a rather large and beautiful diamond to be seated.  The diamond would most likely be help in using a correct amount of leverage and force as to not break the diamond but to hold it very closely between the two points.  The rest of the cuff is remarkably similar to an actual handcuff, including a keyhole.  A wonderful idea would be to work with your special person on a theme.  Possibly doing a men’s band that looks like a handcuff key or maybe even making a another handcuff without a diamond.
This is truly one of the most creative ideas The Diamond Reserve has seen.  We love new and innovative ideas that push the boundaries of what people expect a typical engagement ring to look like.  If you are looking for great wedding and engagement jewelry ideas schedule an appointment with us today!
Handcuff Engagement RIng