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Personalized Name Rings For Couples

When it comes to love, no two relationships are the same, and should be expressed in an individual way. Couples rings are a great way to express commitment and love to one another. This week we will discuss couples rings, how they are different from engagement rings, how to personalize your couples rings, and what finger to wear your couples ring on.

What Is The Difference Between A Couple Ring And An Engagement Ring?

There comes a time in a relationship when you want to honor each other’s commitment. Some couples get engaged, but if you are not ready to take that step a couples ring is a good place to start. Couples rings can represent equality within the relationship and can also represent devotion and love, but the significance can vary from couple to couple.

The Main difference between a couples ring and an engagement ring is that a couples ring does not signify a promise marriage. A couples ring is used to celebrate special moments of the relationship and an engagement ring may follow in the future. These rings are more used to express the level of commitment to the relationship so be very clear when giving a couples ring.

How Do You Personalize Couple Rings?

When designing your couples ring you are able to get creative if you would like and design a ring that mirrors your personal style. You and your significant other may want a matching set if your tastes are similar. But there is also the option to have complementary rings that are different from each other but share similar qualities. Another idea is to consider wearing a name ring!

You may even have the option to add a bit of bling to your couple ring and add a diamond or diamonds. Why not add a little bit of sparkle to your special ring? For example a simple round solitaire diamond with a gold band would pair beautifully together. Or, if you could even have a rose gold band with diamonds going half way around the band. However you choose to add a little bit of sparkle to your ring you can never go wrong with a diamond.

What Finger Should We Wear Our Couples Ring On?

Since your ring finger is the traditional placement for wedding rings and engagement rings, your couples ring can be worn on any finger. The placement of the ring should be a conversation between you and your significant other. Also keep in mind that you most likely will be wearing this ring often, so make sure it is suitable for daily wear.

No matter where you choose to wear your ring the biggest thing to remember is that your couples ring is meant to celebrate the love you share. At the end of the day it does not matter if you and your significant other chose matching rings or decided to design them based on your own personal style, but that you are taking another step with the person you want to spend forever with.

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