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Perfect Pairs: Engagement Rings and Nail Polish Pairings

Have a feeling the big question is coming? A brilliant mani can ensure you’re engagement ring ready! Many newly engaged couples take photos documenting their engagement and it’s hard to resist flaunting a stunning stone. Selecting a complimentary nail color and design can enhance your ring’s special features to highlight your diamond’s finer points. Here’s a look at the most popular nail and ring pairs of 2021 that ,along with your diamond, will be your new best friend.

For those who dropped hints to their partners about wanting a bit of color in their life, there’s a plethora of choices. Suppose a few rubies will be in your setting, then cool pink polishes expertly draw out the best of red’s deep shadows and shimmering highlights. It might seem counterintuitive but bronze gold polishes absolutely stun when paired with yellow stones. The armour-like gold pulls luxurious values forth from yellow or champagne diamonds that would otherwise go unnoticed without bronze polish’s assistance.

Opted for a top tier colorless diamond? We approve! There’s still many nail looks that can accentuate your upcoming ring’s features. Emerald cuts go best with sharp lines that mimic the clean cut’s contemporary features. Go for an updated french manicure and request squared outlined tips for a geometric feel. The lines run parallel to the emerald cut and lift the diamond’s edges into focus. As for classic beauties with platinum settings and round diamonds, red is the winner. Swipe on a smooth, velvety red coat and wave your timelessly dressed fingertips around. Trust us. Your left hand will be adorned with your ageless diamond design in no time.

Lastly, strategically placed color can act as a hint to your significant other and a testament to your preparedness. Paint the nail of your left ring finger a different color than the rest. We recommend all black with a white feature nail. A simple clear coat on your nails is understated, but slip a glittery top coat on your ring finger for a touch of amusement. We highly recommend this glistening idea for those who requested dazzling pave details.

We must note that regardless of what your nails look like, your engagement and ring will be just right. If you would like to discuss your dream engagement ring, make an appointment to learn about the many possibilities. Any ring customized by The Diamond Reserve is meticulously crafted with you in mind. Along with being presented to you by your true love, the moment will be one you hold dear for years. Therefore, if you think proposal day is near; mull over a few of these pairings and you’ll be in the clear.