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Newly Engaged? Throw a Halloween-Themed Engagement Party

Are you looking for a creative theme for your engagement party? If you’re planning this get-together in the fall, Halloween is the perfect option. You have so many ways to incorporate this theme into your celebration, whether you want to go for Gothic glamour or embrace a kitschy-cute style.

Incorporate Bold Color Combinations

The two colors that everyone immediately associates with Halloween are orange and black, but red, purple, green and other striking color combinations also work well. Autumnal colors can come into play here, with fiery shades ranging from pale yellow to deep burgundy.

Adorn your table in coordinating tablecloths and runners, with the dinnerware acting as a contrasting element on the table. Select menu items to match your overall colors and themes, so they act as part of your decor too.

Versatile Pumpkin Decor

You’re not limited to jack-o-lanterns alone when it comes to pumpkins. You can hollow out small pumpkins and fill them with decorative candles, use them as serving tray holders or paint them in your theme colors. Since it’s so easy to carve into pumpkins, and they have a strong structure even when you start altering it, you can adapt them to fit many styles for your engagement party.

Cater to a Sweet Tooth

Halloween is also candy season, so you don’t want to overlook anyone with a sweet tooth who attends your engagement party. If your meal is multi-course, consider doing multiple courses of dessert as well. You can put together high-end versions of nostalgic Halloween candy.

Trick or Treat Favor Bags

Give your guests something to help them remember your engagement party. Upscale trick or treat favor bags are an excellent way to keep to your Halloween theme and have it be appropriate for an engagement party.

For the “trick” part of the bag, include candy, chocolate or a baked good that looks like something else. For example, cupcakes that look like mashed potatoes or chocolates shaped and colored like sushi.

Put these bewildering treats in reusable high-quality packagings, such as a luxury bag or a wooden box. When the favor container is practical as well as pretty, your guests are more likely to enjoy their keepsake.

Halloween might not be a traditional engagement party theme, but this unconventional choice is a lot of fun. Stay tuned to The Diamond Reserve for more trendy ideas!