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Kelly Clarkson : Waiting on Engagement Ring

It seems not so long ago that the world was introduced to an amazing singer on an increasingly popular show called American Idol.  Kelly Clarkson was the lucky winner of the show beating out several other contestants.  She has probably been one of the most successful winners and competitors on the show, which launched her career more than 10 years ago.

Kelly, who has now settled into a thriving career as well as a great relationship with Brandon Blackstock, revealed on the Ellen Show yesterday that the two will be getting married, but they are not engaged yet.  She is still waiting for the proposal and ring but is extremely confidant in that they will be getting married and they will most likely be getting engaged soon.

That made us over at The Diamond Reserve wonder what type of ring rocker girl Kelly might be interested in.  Different rock stars, have different ideas of what they want their ring to look like, but we think that Kelly has a very edgy, yet old school style.  We would like to think that Kelly would choose an antique style ring.  Kelly’s style is very casual and simple so we can’t see her wanting a 10 carat diamond but maybe something more around 3-4-carats so she is able to comfortably perform her high energy concerts while wearing it.

A three stone set  ring with white gold, 3 princess cut diamonds would be stunning in a set with one large and two small on either side.  This style would be classic, elegant, edgy, and still completely versatile.

We can’t wait to see what ring she decides to get engaged with!