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Keira Knightley’s Delicate and Simple Engagement Ring

These days we almost expect our favorite celebrities to have huge diamond rings when they get engaged.  For Keira Knightley, the huge diamond ring wasn’t necessary and in fact not really her style.  When keyboardist James Righton proposed, he opted for a solitaire 2-carat diamond ring that the star began flaunting in November.

Although the two have yet to set a date or at least tell anyone when they are getting married, Knightley has been spotted out with her ring and her fiancé.  Knightley told reporters that the two are very busy with their careers right now so they are simply enjoying being engaged for the time being.  The beautiful ring is simple and classic as well as timeless.  The stone is flawless and a decent size, although not extravagant.  The band is a platinum setting.  The ring in total was said to cost approximately $40,000, which for most normal budgets is out of the question.  It is really great that James chose a very high quality stone and metal even though the ring isn’t huge it is a high quality piece.  The ring is also a perfect match for Knightley’s style.  She adores simple, classic, and beautiful pieces that remain so throughout the years.  This ring is something that can become a family heirloom and can continue to be worn no matter what the occasion or situation.  It is truly a beautiful diamond and ring.  It is refreshing to see a star with a ring that is very down-to earth and beautiful just like her.

The Diamond Reserve loves these solitaire rings, because they capture the beauty of the stone and focus all of the attention on the stone itself rather than on anything else.  If you are interested in this style of ring make an appointment today!Keira Knightley Engagement RIng