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Is Quartz Hard Enough for an Engagement Ring?

Quartz gemstones are very attractive, fairly durable and hard making them a great choice for jewelry including engagement rings. There are many different varieties of quartz including amethyst and rose quartz, so if you’re looking for an affordable and readily available colored stone, quartz might be the perfect fit.

Popular Varieties of Quartz

Amethyst is one of the most popular varieties of quartz. Its purple color can be very intense and depends on the amount of iron present in the mineral. This beautiful gemstone displays lovely and unmatchable shades of violet that make it a perfect center stone for any engagement or wedding band. 

Citrine is another beautiful quartz stone that varies in color from a dark to juice lemon yellow to mid-level orange. Its color depends on impurities from ferric iron, tetravalent silicon and trivalent aluminum. The transparency of this stone, with its affordability and durability, make it one of the most popular yellow gemstones on the market.

Rose quartz is a variety that includes shades of pink from pale pink to rose red hues. Its color comes from trace amounts of titanium, iron or manganese in the material. It’s typically translucent with interesting inclusions and can have a cloudy appearance. It could be the perfect unique and delicate pink stone for a wedding or engagement ring.

Smoky Quartz is a great option for adding a mysterious twist to a special piece of jewelry. This beautiful stone varies in color from dark gray to nearly black and can have yellow undertones. It gets its varying degrees of color from aluminum and can be completely transparent or completely opaque. It’s a great option for individuals looking for a darker colored stone to add to their engagement or wedding band.

Is Quartz Hard Enough for an Engagement Ring?

Quartz is a relatively hard mineral consisting of silicon and oxygen and is one of the most common minerals found in the Earth’s crust. Though some types of quartz crystals are rarer than others, they’re all available in a large variety of sizes, so it’s no wonder quartz is often used for making statement jewelry. Quartz is a versatile gem that comes in many different colors and can be cut in a number of ways.

With a value of 7 on Mohs scale, quartz is quite hard but may be prone to scratches. Hardness defines how well a gemstone resists scratches and abrasions which is an important consideration for wearability. Mohs scale is used to measure the scratch resistance, not to be confused with the toughness of a stone. Toughness is a mineral’s resistance to breaking and chipping, which is often measured as its tenacity or resistance to blows.

Since all varieties of quartz will be more vulnerable to scratches than other harder and tougher stones, you may want to consider a more protective setting if you choose this stone for an engagement or wedding ring. A bezel setting is smooth and completely encircles a stone holding it securely in place. If you have questions about stones or settings, give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule your appointment!