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Hugh Hefner Gives Large Engagement Ring for Second Engagement to Crystal Harris

When people heard that the 86-year-old Hugh Hefner was planning on marrying his girlfriend, Crystal Harris, 26, the first time, people were concerned about the well being of one of the wealthiest and successful men in the country.  It certainly raised several eyebrows when the two announced their engagement last year but then even more concern was raised when the 26 year old abruptly ended the engagement and claimed she had “cold feet.”  The wedding was called off and Crystal reportedly sold the ring at Christie’s auction house for half of the price it was bought.

Today it was announced that the pair have reconciled and decided to once again get engaged.  Crystal showed off the 3-carat ring on Twitter while emphasizing the fact that she feels she has learned so much from her past and is so excited for her future.

The engagement ring is a stunning 3-carat round diamond with smaller diamonds on the band and in the arch of the band.  The ring is most likely white gold or platinum.  There is no word on the cost of this new ring, but from pictures we can see it is very similar to her first ring.

The wedding is supposed to be taking place on New Years in just a couple weeks.  Apparently the two kept their engagement a secret for a while.  The Diamond Reserve certainly thinks her ring is beautiful, we hope that their wedding is a beautiful event.  And if you are looking for a ring like Crystal’s make an appointment with us today!