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How to Best Photograph your Engagement Ring with your Phone

As soon as your special someone pops the question, it’s only human to turn instantly to your device to snap a photo to share with your friends and family. If you’ve been down this road, you know how tricky it can be when you are trying to best photograph your new jewels and you notice the image doesn’t capture how stunning your ring is in actuality. The difference between the ring in real life versus the digital version can be quite evident, so we have put together a quick guide on how to best photograph your ring with technological limitations.

Lighting is KEY!

The first step in order to yield the best, highest quality result for your ring photo is to find the most superb lighting possible. With that being said, natural lighting is the KEY to taking the best ring selfie. Natural lighting will allow your phone’s camera to pick up on all the natural sparkle that your ring encompasses. In order to find the perfect lighting, we recommend holding your ring up to the camera and walking around in circles and towards different areas in the room to see where the image looks best.

For example, being closer to a window will allow for more natural lighting to peak through and make your diamond sparkle even more. If you are outdoors, moving in circles will allow you to see which way you should have the sun facing in order to catch the perfect snap. Darker, dim lighting makes it difficult to pick up on the facets that light travels through and will not showcase the intimate details that make your ring unique. This will also result in a blurry photo that doesn’t focus directly on the ring’s luster and brilliance.



Showcase your Best Angles

Just like all selfies, ring photos look best when you are adjusting the camera to show the best angle possible. For some diamonds, this may be straight on. For others, the ring may photograph better from a side view or an overhead shot. Regardless, we recommend holding your hand up and moving your camera slightly in a 360 motion while watching the viewfinder and seeing what you personally believe looks best. Once you find that sweet spot, you can start to narrow in on the more specific details.





Don’t Forget to Focus

Once you narrow down the best lighting and angle to show off your bling, the next step is to find the best focus point. We recommend making your hand into a fist, holding it close to your camera, and tapping slightly on the diamond to make your camera hone in on what’s most important in the image: your center stone! Focusing your lens on the diamond as the center of attention will allow the camera to blur out the surroundings in your viewfinder and put what matters most towards your beautiful stone.

Most cameras have a default focus where the center of attention may not be where you want it to be. That said, make sure you take the time to take advantage of the focus lock feature on your camera to get the focus exactly where it needs to be.




The Little Details Matter

Once you have the other tricks and tips down, you can start to focus on the little things that will make your photo stand out even more. For example, getting a nice manicure or wearing other fashion rings and bracelets to make your photo even more unique. Finding a good background helps assist with the overall aesthetic of your image, too.

One last trick we recommend is to actually take a video of your engagement ring, rather than a photo! If you are struggling to get a good, quality image of your engagement ring, we have found that videos capture the beauty even better than your standard image. Taking a video while moving your hand around in different lighting will allow your viewers to catch all the angles of your gorgeous engagement ring and capture how your diamond sparkles from all angles.




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