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How Seth Meyers Proposed With His Dog

You probably know Seth Meyers as the guy that took over for Jimmy Fallon, on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Weekend Update, but what you might not know is the extremely sweet and thoughtful way he decided to propose to his girlfriend. Meyers, who will be taking over for Jimmy Fallon’s late night show soon, stopped by to share a laugh with his old friend and the two began swapping engagement and wedding planning stories.
Meyers explained to Fallon that his girlfriend, now fiancé, Alexi Ashe, was at work where she is an animal rights lawyer, she was supposed to be home at a certain time, but she was running late.  Meyers had planned out the proposal and had already tied the ring onto the couple’s dog’s collar.  He explained that he basically had to sit there waiting and watching the dog to insure that he didn’t eat the ring before she got home.  Everything ended well though with this proposal and the two are currently buried in the infamous wedding planning.  Seth explained to Jimmy that his fiancé has impeccable taste and will occasionally ask him for input, but rarely since he often provides the incorrect answer.

Seth Meyers Engaged
The Diamond Reserve hasn’t been able to spot a glimpse of the engagement ring yet, but we are sure that Seth took his time picking a stunning, classic, and beautiful ring for his lady love with such wonderful tastes.  Hopefully we get to see the ring soon and congratulations to the happy couple!