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How Long Do Custom Engagement Rings Take?

A custom engagement ring is one that’s created from scratch and every detail is uniquely designed by you with support from your jeweler. Due to the process of designing, reviewing and ultimately creating this special piece, a custom ring can take a few weeks before it makes its way into your hands. 

What is a Custom Engagement Ring?

If you’re looking for a ring with a particular design, haven’t found anything on the market that is quite what you’re looking for, or simply want something completely unique, custom jewelry is the way to go. Designing a ring allows you to tailor every last detail to perfectly suit you, from its design to its materials. You can mix and match elements you like from other rings used for inspiration or create something truly one of a kind. 

Custom engagement rings can also incorporate stones from other pieces of jewelry; if you have a family heirloom but want to change or modernize the design, you can create a unique ring that incorporates that familial lineage and history but in a way that suits your personal style. This process allows you to express your love story in a visual representation that is tailored to you, and your jeweler will help bring that story to life. 

With preset or mass made engagement rings, one typically has the option to choose from different size and shape stones to use in the setting. While this option allows for some customization, you will be limited in how much you can personalize this type of ring. If you have your eye on a preset ring and love every single detail about it, you could add an engraving as a personal touch without having to go completely custom. 

What’s the Process of Creating a Custom Engagement Ring?

Before you schedule your initial consultation with a jeweler, it’s helpful to gather some ideas and inspiration so your designer can help you bring them to life and create something that’s uniquely yours. Whether it’s specific colors, stones or metals, or a setting preference, you can begin looking at other ring styles and noting things you like and may want to incorporate into your creation. 

Finding a jeweler you can trust is even more important when you’re designing a custom engagement ring. In addition to being a skilled craftsman, your jeweler will be translating your vision into a tangible ring, so there needs to be a connection, trust and clear communication. Your jeweler will help you work within your budget, advising on materials and design. 

Generally once you feel confident about the direction the design of your ring is going, you’ll be presented with a 3D rendering so you can get a feel for your ring and make changes as needed. You should have an opportunity to make as many changes as you see fit. Once you’ve approved a rendering, a benchman will begin the process of physically making your ring. 

Creating a custom engagement ring takes longer than buying a pre-made one, since you’ll need time to design, approve, and then wait for your ring to be made. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the style and complexity of your creation, so you’ll need to factor that into your timeline. You can learn more about our process at the Diamond Reserve here. We’re happy to answer questions, so don’t hesitate to book an in-person or virtual appointment