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How Do Jewelers Resize Rings?

There are a number of reasons why a ring may need to be resized and the good news is that it’s a fairly simple and common process. While we do recommend trying to get a new ring as close to the correct size as possible the first time, know that the size can be adjusted as needed. Making a ring smaller than its original size is easier than increasing the size of a ring, but both size changes can be done.

How Do Jewelers Resize Rings?

Resizing a ring to be a smaller diameter than the original ring size is an intricate but fairly simple process. Your jeweler will heat up your ring enough to be able to cut out a piece of the metal from the band and then join the pieces of the band back together to form a perfect circle again. Lastly they will clean and polish your ring. Looking at it, you’d never know that a small piece of the band had been removed to change the band size. 

Making a ring larger is a little more challenging but can be done. Depending on the size difference, type of ring and metal, there are two options to make a ring bigger. Stretching a simple band or ring without stones or shaving a tiny amount of metal from the band should only be done for small size changes and cautiously as it changes the integrity of the ring. Otherwise a jeweler will heat and cut the band and add additional metal to make the ring larger. 

Eternity rings and ones with stones around the entire band or with special settings like a tension will likely not be able to be resized. Platinum, gold and silver are metals that are suitable for resizing, while rings made of titanium, tungsten or stainless steel are too hard and therefore too difficult to resize. If your ring can’t be resized, you can always redesign it. 

How to Size and Fit an Engagement Ring

A proper fitting ring should slide onto your finger fairly smoothly and resist ever so slightly around your knuckle, the largest part of your finger when you take it off. The ring should feel light and comfortable on your finger without any obvious squeezing and also shouldn’t easily fly off if you were to quickly move your hand. Remember that your finger will swell and shrink throughout the day so be sure to wear it for a few days if you’re not quite sure about the fit. 

If you’re in between ring sizes or shopping for a loved one and don’t know their ring size, opt for the larger size as it’s easier for a ring to be resized smaller than made bigger. Typically rings can safely be increased or decreased up to two sizes, but always be sure to consult with your jeweler as other factors like the metal and style of your ring need to be taken into consideration, too. 

If your ring is just slightly too big, or you notice the stone moves from side to side, which can happen with larger top-heavy stones, your jeweler can add a sizing assistant to keep your ring in place. A sizing assistant will decrease your ring about a quarter size and consists of two small beads added to the inside of the band which help anchor it to your finger.  

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