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Holiday Jewelry Ideas: Bloodstone

For those looking to add a bit of Christmas spirit to their jewelry, we’d like to present you with an under-utilized gemstone: Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a mixture of Quartz and Jasper. Due to the mixture, it creates a very festive aesthetic of red with a dark green backdrop.

A Favorite of Ancient Romans

Referred to in the past as the “stone of Babylon,” Bloodstone was oft-mentioned in mythology, particularly that of the Romans and Greeks. In the past, it was worn as a Talisman to fend off venomous creatures. Of course, it did little in the way of actually fending off such creatures (snakes were a particular issue), but the stone kept it’s popularity nonetheless.

Bloodstone as a Holiday Jewelry Piece

Not only is Bloodstone the perfect aesthetic for the Christmas Season, it’s also very affordable compared to other, finer gemstones. Due to it’s uncharacteristic nature and unpredictable patterns, the gemstone is priced by “piece” and not by carat. It won’t have a glimmer such that you’ll find on diamonds, rubies or sapphires, but a holiday-specific piece does not always need to drop jaws to be effective.

If you’re looking to incorporate Bloodstone into a custom jewelry design, just give us a call or schedule an appointment!